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Year 6: Miss Bradley



I have taken some time to try to pull together the transition pages for our local secondary schools. You can access the pages quickly by clicking on the schools' logo below. If I have been unable to locate a secondary school's transition page, a link has been created to the schools latest news - I will update links when/if more information becomes available.



Welcome Back Year 6


I hope that you have all had a lovely, relaxing Easter break and that you have been able to enjoy some of the warmer weather throughout the past week. 


Over the next term, we will be delving into our new history topic 'Journeys'. Throughout this topic we will look at why people go on journeys and explore five very different types of journey in depth. The topic also provides a fantastic opportunity to revisit the history topics that the children have covered throughout their time at Scotby School.

To compliment our history topic, in English we will be starting a new text - Shackleton's Journey by William Grill. The text retells the story of Ernest Shackleton's unimaginably dangerous expedition crossing the Antarctic continent. I am very much looking forward to sharing this text with the children as I know how much many of the class enjoyed 'Brightstorm'.


Homework will continue to be set weekly (every Friday) on MyMaths, Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars. Additionally, any encouragement with regards to reading at home would also be greatly appreciated.


As before the Easter break, if for any reason your child is unable to attend school as a result of Covid, please use the Remote Learning section of the website which can be found below. 


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting me via the class email: or through the school office. 


Many thanks

Miss Bradley

Happy New Year!


I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and that you are excited for the new term at school. Whilst it is disappointing that we cannot all be together on the first day back, I am certainly hoping to see as many of you as possible tuning into the live zoom sessions, which you can access from the Remote Learning page. 


This term we will be studying the continent of South America with a particular focus on the Amazon rainforest and the country Brazil! To compliment the topic, in English we will be reading two texts: The Vanishing Rainforest by Richard Platt, which explores the disappearance of the Amazon rainforest and The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry, which delves into the 'healing secrets' of the forest plants. Both texts are fantastic and I cannot wait to share them with you.


Our Science topics this term are 'Animals including Humans' and 'Light' both of which will continue to be taught by Mrs Holland in addition to music on a Wednesday afternoon.


A remote learning timetable will be posted below for those of you that are currently unable to attend school and all activities, resources and links to live sessions can be found on this page. However, if you do have any questions please get in touch via the class email address:


Please keep safe and I shall look forward to seeing you all soon.


Miss Bradley


Curriculum Information Spring Term 2021

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome back! It is an absolute pleasure to see everyone now in school and I know that we are looking forward to the challenging, but nonetheless, exciting school year that lies ahead. 


Below you will find information regarding our weekly class routines and guidance in relation to remote learning.


P.E - Everyday, at 13:50, the children will take part in the mile a day. Our weekly P.E session will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child arrives at school in their joggers and trainers on this day. 


Reading - This year, our class will be using ‘Starbooks’, to encourage the children to read more frequently at home. On successful completion of an appropriate STAR Reader quiz, once they have finished their reading book, the children will receive stars to go on a loyalty card – each completed loyalty card awards them with a personalised bookmark. The children will work through brown, green, silver and gold!


Homework - To avoid the transferring of items from home to school, this year there will be no green home learning journal. Homework will be set using online platforms every Friday. The children will bring home a copy of their passwords for the relevant websites this week.


Mrs Holland will be teaching the class on a Wednesday afternoon and this term she will be teaching science and music.


Remote Learning - If your child cannot attend school because they are self isolating, they should go to the Remote Learning section below. Here they will be able to access a timetable of activities which is linked to the learning that is taking place in class. If your child is not at school because they are unwell, they would not be expected to complete it.


Should you have any queries at all or if you wish to submit home learning, please contact me on our class email:


Many thanks

Miss Bradley

Please make sure that you share the following transition information with your parents.

Transition Information

NM demonstrating her acquired lockdown skills - great job!

Still image for this video

Growth Mindset & Music by Joe

Still image for this video

OM - Gears, Levers & Pulleys

Still image for this video

AM - Minotaur Maze

Still image for this video

Spartan Trials

Ava's Minecraft Zeus' Temple Walk-through

Still image for this video

Friday 24th April 2020


Good morning 6B!

Well done for all your hard work this week! I am so proud of the commitment that you are showing towards your learning whilst you are at home. It has been wonderful to see so many of you taking great pride in the work you are producing, being as creative as possible and also asking for support when you have been finding things challenging.

Keep this up 6B!


Suggested timetable for today:

Joe Wicks - 09:00 - 09:30

Fluent in 5 - Arithmetic (5 mins)

Reading - Free read (25 mins)

SPAG - Apostrophes for singular possession (30 mins)

Maths - Ordering decimals (3dp) (30 Mins)

English - Creative writing task (30 mins)

ICT/Topic- Greek vases(No recommended time limit)



Joe Wicks: Complete the Joe Wicks workout. You can catch it live everyday from 09:00 - 09:30 on YouTube by following the link here.


Fluent in 5:

Aim to complete the questions above within 5 minutes. Use the inverse operations to then check your working out.


Reading: Find yourself a nice cosy place, get yourself a drink and curl up with a good book. You can always use this time to complete any outstanding ZPD quizzes you may have. Follow the link here to complete them. 


SPAG: Complete the activity on SATs Companion 'Apostrophes for Singular Possession'. This type of apostrophe is used to show that something belongs to someone or something so think about this carefully when answering the questions.

Below is a video on singular and plural possession to help you but remember we are just doing singular today, we will do plural on Monday.

Punctuation: Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession (KS2)

What will I learn? How apostrophes are used to show that something belongs to someone or something.

Maths: Complete the activity on SATs Companion 'Comparing and Ordering Decimals 3dp'. A video to support you with this activity is available in the lessons section (or by clicking the link here if you are already logged in to SATs Companion).


English: Today we are just going to write for FUN.

I am going to give you a story opener and I would like you to think about it for 5-10 minutes, you could even use this time to discuss it with someone in your house to generate some ideas. After these 5/10 minutes are up, spend 20 minutes writing a short story. It doesn't need to be a finished piece or have an ending but I want you to take me on an adventure.


Your story opener is...

"What have you done?" the headmaster bellowed, all eyes now turned to me as he stood over the ...



ICT/Topic: Using 2Design on Purple Mash create a Greek vase.


I have set the task as a 'To do' so it should appear when you log in. The first thing to do after you have launched the app is to scroll to the right and select the hexagon model that looks like this:

Once you have selected this model, you then need to play around with the points adjusting them to create a vase shape. You will need to add some extra points to the design using '+point' button on the left. 


When you have finished playing around

with the points, you should have something that looks similar to a Greek vase like this...


Once you are happy with the shape you have created, you can then use orange/brown colours to paint your vase. You can then add the geometric patterns your practised yesterday to decorate your vase. Here is the start of one I made earlier...

 To adjust the thickness of the pen, use the sliding bar at the bottom left, just beneath the colours. Try to make your designs as intricate as you can and don't forget to design the other faces too by selecting the 'Net view'.


Good Luck!


Golden Time: Over the Easter holidays, I made the suggestion for you to make your own book monster bookmark. Here is one that I made:


If you haven't had chance or you missed this post, why not have a go at making you own. You can find lots of different examples of these if you google bookmark monsters.

Here is the YouTube link I followed to make mine.



I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday.


Miss Bradley

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Good morning 6B!


Suggested timetable for today:

Joe Wicks - 09:00 - 09:30

Fluent in 5 - Arithmetic (5 mins)

Reading - Recommendation (25 mins)

SPAG - Hyphens (30 mins)

Maths - Multiplying and dividing fractions (30 Mins)

English - King Midas (45 mins)

Art - Greek Borders (No recommended time limit) 

Topic - Democracy (No recommended time limit)


Joe Wicks: Complete the Joe Wicks workout. You can catch it live everyday from 09:00 - 09:30 on YouTube by following the link here.


Fluent in 5:

Reading : Write or record yourself giving a recommendation of your favourite book. Aim to include the following:

- A brief overview

- Who you think it would appeal to

- What genre it is

- What star rating you would give it


Remember to make the book sound exciting - you want people to want to read it. 


SPAG: Please log on to SATs Companion and complete the activity 'Hyphens' after watching the video below on hyphens and how they are used.

Maths: Today we are going to be recapping multiplying and dividing fractions.


How to...


Multiply Fractions = x numerators together then x denominators together.


Divide Fractions = KFC Method, keep the first fraction the same, flip the second fraction then change the divide symbol in the middle to a multiply. Once you have done this, follow the steps for multiplying fractions.


Simplify Fractions = Find the highest common factor that goes into both numerator and denominator and then divide. E.g. 10/15 both 10 and 15 are divisible by 5 so this simplified would be 2/3.


If you are unsure of any of the above or need more guidance videos for all of these are available on SATs Companion. 


English: Please complete your 'King Midas' stories in full. 

You have all scored well in the recent SPAG activities so please, before you send them through, check that you have punctuated your dialogue accurately and any other sentences. If you have finished it, take a look at the art below smiley.


Art: Today we are going to be looking at some Greek art. Please take a look at the video here on Greek and Roman art


Have a look at the example of Greek patterns here ------------------------> 


Next, using the example to the right, practise drawing some of the geometric Greek patterns. Try to create your own using shapes around you.


Remember the patterns should be repeating patterns - not too complex and made of geometric shapes. 


When you have found a design that you are happy with, have a go at bordering your King Midas story. You could put one strip at the top and another at the bottom. This will give your writing a nice Greek feel.


History: Check out the presentation below on 'Democracy' and then complete the differences activity which is explained inside the presentation.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good morning everyone, well done to all of you that rose to the challenge of algebra yesterday. Many of you showed excellent perseverance and had a good go at tackling some challenging questions.


The examples of Greek temples I have seen have been fantastic too. It is lovely to see how creative you all are.


Suggested timetable for today:


Joe Wicks - 09:00 - 09:30 or why not get the family together and go for a short walk.

Fluent in 5 - (5 - 10 mins)

Spelling - Continuing words with hyphens (15 - 20 mins)

SPAG - Punctuation for Parenthesis (20 mins)

Maths - Compare and Order Fractions (40 - 45 mins)

English - King Midas Story (40 mins)

DEAR - Drop Everything and Read (30 mins)

Science - Gravity



Fluent in 5: Complete the questions below and show your working out in your orange books. Aim to complete all 5 questions in 5 minutes and then use another 5 to check your answers using the inverse operation.


Spellings: Please complete the activity sheets in the file below in your green books or on a piece of paper. If you have a printer, you can also print the sheets off.

SPAG: Please log on to SATs Companion and complete the activity 'Punctuation for Parenthesis'.


Remember if you remove the information that you have put in brackets, commas or dashes, then the sentence should still make sense.


E.g. The lady, who had been picking flowers in her garden, didn't see the milkman arrive. 


If we take out the extra information - 'who had been picking flowers' - then we would be left with the main clause - The lady didn't see the milkman arrive.

Main clauses always make sense on their own.


Maths: Today we are going to be revisiting ordering fractions and to do this there are a few things we need to remind ourselves of.


Check over the rules sheet we used in class in the picture below.






If you don't spot a common multiple in the first 5, then continue with the times tables until you find one.














A video is also available on the lessons section of SATs Companion called 'Ordering and Comparing Fractions'.


Once you have familiarised yourself with the rules and are feeling confident, have a go at the activity set on SATs Companion.


English: continue with your King Midas stories.

Remember before you send them to me to check the following:


-Full stops

-Capital letters

-Descriptive vocabulary

-Inverted commas for dialogue








Drop everything and read for 30 minutes. Pick a book of your choice, find yourself a cosy spot and enjoy!




Science: Today we are going to look at gravity. I would like to start off by asking you to watch a video on Espresso. I have attached a guide at the bottom of the science work which explains how to log on.


Once you are on, in the search bar at the top, search the keyword 'gravity' you then need to click on the top link which should take you to a video that looks like this:


Watch the video carefully and then have a go at clicking the activity tab on the left hand side and completing the task: 'Complete the sentences:Gravity'.



When you have completed the sentence task, have a go at building your own gravity model by following the instructions in the video below. Do not worry if you don't have the resources at home.


Gravity Model

Still image for this video
Gravity is an invisible force which acts like the elastic band in your model. As objects move away from the surface of the Earth, they are pulled back by gravity.


Tuesday 21st April 2020


Good morning 6B, I hope you are all well.


Yesterday was a fantastic day for home learning! It was wonderful to see nearly all of you completing the set tasks and fab to hear from so many of you. Feel free to get in touch anytime even if it is just to let me know how you are getting on.


Suggested activities for today:


Morning starter

Maths: Expressing missing number problems (30 Minutes)

SPAG: Inverted commas (15-20 minutes)

Spelling Shed: Words containing hyphens (15 - 20 minutes)

English: King Midas (30 minutes)

Topic - Top trumps

DT - Greek temples


Morning starter:


Maths: Today we are going to be looking at solving missing numbers from equations. To do this, we need to understand what it means to have a number positioned next to a letter e.g. 4q = 20


What you have to imagine is that between the 4 and the q there is a multiply sign. So what you actually have is 4 x q = 20.


The letter used is simply replacing a number so our job is to work out what that missing number is. Well we can rephrase this to say 4 x ? = 20


If we think of our fact families in Big Maths. We should recall that this means the same as 20 ÷ 4 = ? 


And we can all work out 20 ÷ 4 = 5 so we now know that q = 5


We can check the answer by putting our answer back into the initial question. 4 x 5 = 20 Does it work? Yes, so we know that we have found the correct missing number.


Please log in to SATs Companion and complete the activity 'Expressing Missing Number Problems'. Make sure that you have read the information above.


Feel free to message me directly if you require any support with the activity.


SPAG: Complete the activity on 'Inverted Commas' on SATs Companion. 

Use the link below to remind yourself of the rules if necessary:


Spelling Shed: Have a go at the new spellings which include a hyphen on Spelling Shed. Aim to reach Royal Bee status.



Start writing up your own modern day versions of the King Midas story in full. Remember to set the scene and include appropriate descriptive vocabulary to help the reader to visualise your story.


Think about your characters voices and how they sound when they speak, are they weak and raspy or are they loud and booming? Use your knowledge of inverted commas to punctuate dialogue accurately.


We are going to be writing it over the next couple of days, so don't feel that you need to rush it. Aim to write up to the part where Dionysus grants Midas his wish and he is scurrying away with glee.


Things to check:

Full stops

Capital letters

Descriptive vocabulary

Inverted commas




Create your own Greek god and goddesses 'Top Trump' cards.


You can use the format in the sheet attached if you have a printer or you can draw and design your own using paper you have at home. Remember to use the information you learnt yesterday to decide who you think is more powerful than who.


You can then play the game with members of your family.


You can create your own themes for points or use the ones included on this example of a Zeus Top Trump card.


DT: Design and build your own Ancient Greek temple.


Check out the information on Greek architecture using the website below and then have a go at designing and building your own Greek temple. Try to add detail and include one of the column designs shown on the web page.



Monday 20th April 2020


Good morning 6B, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! It was wonderful to see you all working hard last week. The explosion books I have received so far all look fantastic and I will be sharing some of them on our class page soon.


Suggested timetable for today:


Joe Wicks - 30 mins

Reading Comprehension - 25 mins

Maths - 30 - 40 mins

English - 40 mins

Topic - No recommended time limit


Morning starter: Joe Wicks from 09:00 - 09:30 - you can catch this on YouTube by following the  link below:


Reading Comprehension: Please read the text attached below and answer the comprehension questions attached. Remember to write your answers in full sentence and to punctuate them accurately.

Maths: Please log on to SATs Companion and complete the problems on 'Money'. Make sure you have read the questions carefully and have understood what the questions is asking you to find out. Use your orange books or a piece of paper to show your working out.


English: Well done to those of you that completed the English activity on Friday. You should have hopefully discovered that King Midas is a myth despite having some similarities with the features of a fable.


Todays Task:

Story map your own modern day version of King Midas.


You must keep the characters name and the main events the same. However you could change the setting of where King Midas meets Dionysus or you could change how they have their conversation -it could be via text or over messenger.


You may wish to have Dionysus at the top of a sky scraper and consider different ways as to how King Midas reaches him.


Use a comic strip, like you did last week to show the story of King Midas. Make sure that your story map is detailed and easy to follow. Include sentences under each picture and use thought and speech bubbles in the image to move the story on.


Plan up to the part where King Midas is greeted by his daughter after turning everything to gold and regrets it.


Here is an example of a comic strip. It is taken from the story Daedalus and Icarus.


You can clearly see sentences under each image to tell the story and speech bubbles to show dialogue.

Topic: As many of you have discovered, the Greeks are well known for having many gods and goddesses. 

Open the Powerpoint attached below to find out all about them and then complete the 'To do' task on Purple Mash.

Friday 17th April 2020



It is the final day of the Year 5 vs 6B battle today. Well done to everybody that has taken part. It looks to be a fantastic team effort at the moment.


Morning starter: Get yourselves moving with this classroom classic. I know that you can all do it and that you have some great moves.

Footloose - NTV | GoNoodle

Lose your blues, kick off your Sunday shoes, and cut FOOTLOOSE to this song!

Maths: We are going to continue with our work on area and perimeter today but this time looking at the area and perimeter of triangles and parallelograms (we covered this in class at the beginning of Spring term).


Here is a quick recap of the formulas you will need, use them to help you answer the questions:

Area of squares/rectangles = Length x Width

Area of triangles = 1/2 base x height or base x height ÷ 2

Area of parallelograms = base x height


Complete the activity on SATs Companion 'Area of Parallelograms and Triangles'. 


Support videos: - Area of triangles - Area of parallelogram


Please make sure that you are watching any videos to support you with your learning.


Look at the results section on SATs Companion and if you are scoring less than 50% make sure you have another go at an activity and contact me to ask for some help. I will always do my best to explain things over the internet.


Reading: Free choice today - spend 20 minutes reading a book of your choice or complete any STAR Reader quizzes you have outstanding.


English:  I would like you to explore the story of 'King Midas and the Golden Touch' and using the criteria in the sheets below decide whether you think it is a myth or a fable.

Read both the fable and myth sheet attached below. Focusing on the structure and language features, can you prove to another child, that it is either a myth or a fable.


You may wish to present your work by pulling out the features from the 'Fable' sheet and then giving an example beside it and then repeat this for the 'Myth' sheet.

For example:


Fable Features:                                                       

They are often short stories with few characters.   


Dionysus, Midas and Silenus 

Myth Features:                                                         




You could do a sheet for each and then see which one you find more examples for to make your decision.

Science:  This term our science topic is 'Forces'. Today you are going to be making a mini fact file on Isaac Newton. Open the Powerpoint below for further instructions. You will need to create your fact file on Purple Mash which has been set as a to do.

Golden Time:  Your favourite time of the week.

Why not learn a magic trick and send a video of it through or complete some extra TT Rockstars before the battle ends? You could always learn a new skill like juggling (though maybe not in the house). Let me know what you decide to do with your Golden Time.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend 6B. Please message if you need any help with any of the activities.


Miss Bradley

Thursday 16th April 2020


Don't forget we are still in a TT RockStars Battle against Year 5.

We took the lead for a short period of time but now they are ahead. It ends tomorrow afternoon. Come on 6B you've got this!


Good morning 6B! 


For those of you that don't fancy Joe Wicks from 9:00-9:30am on YouTube.

Why not try the challenge below? You can print it or draw the grid on some paper.

I think those that attended Bananagrams club will like this one. 

Reading: Please log on to SATs companion and complete the activity 'Summarising Ideas'. 

Read the information carefully and make sure you select the sentence which best summarises what you have read. We have looked at summarising in class as it falls under VIPERS.


Maths: Today we are looking at 'Area and Perimeter' and the first thing we need to recap on is what they both are.

The perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape/object.

The area is when we look at the amount of square units to fill the inside of a flat space/shape. The formula we use to calculate area is Length x Width = area


Watch the video in the link below to jog your memory:

Once you have watched the video, log on to SATs Companion and complete the 'Area and Perimeter' task. Use your orange books to show your working out. Draw little sketches of shapes if you need to.


SPAG - Continuing on SATs Companion, please complete the short task 'Punctuation at the end of the sentence'.


English - Look back at your story maps you created for the King Midas video on Tuesday and the notes you made on yesterday's audio book version. Write a short summary to explain to a year 6 child in another class what the story of King Midas is about. Make sure you include the key points, that your writing makes sense and that it is punctuated accurately.


ICT: Explore the programme '2design and make' on Purple Mash, which I have set as a to do. Choose one of the vehicles and explore the different viewing screens - 3D, net and points. Have a go at changing the shape of your vehicle and designing the paintwork for it.

Save your work in the '2Design exploring' folder. 

In the near future, we will be using this programme to create some Greek sculptures so make sure you have got to grips with it.


Topic: Please continue with your explosion books that were set yesterday (Wednesday 15th April)



Wednesday 15th April 2020


Thank you to all of those that submitted work yesterday. It was lovely to hear from many of you throughout the day and to hear how you were all doing.


Let's start the day off with something a little different - 'Blast off' (3 mins). Check out the video below, why not get the whole family involved?

Blast Off - Fresh Start Fitness | GoNoodle

Do jumping jacks, lunges, elliptical, and more in this super fast energy burn! This video comes from GoNoodle's Fresh Start Fitness channel. Fresh Start Fitn...

Spelling - Please log on to Spelling Shed and complete the list for this week -er, -or and -ar. Aim to reach Royal Bee status.


EnglishIf you haven't done so already, please make sure you take some time to watch the King Midas video posted yesterday as this is the story we will be focusing on over the week. Once you have refreshed yourselves with the story from yesterday, follow the link below and listen to the audio version of 'King Midas and the Golden Touch'.

(Listen up to where King Midas looks at the river and wishes for gold no longer - 10:17)


Identify the similarities and differences between the video and audio version.

Whilst listening, in your green books create a grid like the one in the image below:

When noting the differences, use one colour for audio and a different one for video so that it is easy to see which version you are talking about. 




Maths - Complete 5 TT Rockstar studio tasks. We are currently in a battle against Year 5 and last time I looked they were winning surprise.


Following on from our work yesterday on volume, please complete the activity on SATs companion 'Estimating Volume'. 


Please make sure that you are using the videos in the lesson section to help you. We have covered volume in class so we should be aiming for 70%. If you don't understand a question or are finding something tricky, please email me and I will do my best to support you.

Reading - Please read the text below and answer the comprehension questions in full sentences. Remember to punctuate your sentences correctly and use the text to help you with spellings that you are unsure of.

Music - Have a go at learning the song 'Zeus' which I have dropped in the files below along with the lyrics.


Topic  - Design and make an explosion book called, 'Who were the Ancient Greeks?'

I have included a YouTube tutorial on how to make the book in the below and beneath that you will see a short snippet of one already made with a focus on the Vikings so you know what it should look like in the end.


Little trickier: 

Explosion Book Example.mp4

Still image for this video

Once you have made the template for your explosion book, find out who the Ancient Greeks were and what they were famous for.


Use sub-headings to organise your information and write in paragraphs (don't just copy and paste what you have read, put it in your own words). You can hand write information or type, print and stick it. Feel free to include illustrations and remember to punctuate your sentences.


Below are some links containing information which I think you might find useful:


You could also use information from today's reading activity.


This doesn't need to be completed in a day so take your time. I would love to see lots of photos of these when you finish them.

Tuesday 14th April 2020




Welcome Back 6B! 

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and have been able to (in some capacity) enjoy the lovely weather we have been having lately.


Let's start off nice and easy today to get ourselves back into the swing of things.



If Joe Wicks isn't your cup of tea, why not design your own circuit workout or complete one of the dances on GoNoodle?


  • Spelling - Please open the spelling sheet attached below. Draw out your own grid and then complete the activity. Once you have organised all of the spellings, underneath, write a sentence which includes each spelling. If you have a printer and would like to print if off feel free to do so. 


  • Maths - Log on to SATs companion. Go to the lessons section and watch the video 'Volume'. Once you have watched the video complete the activity 'Calculate, compare and estimate volume' - aim to score 70%. Remember the formula for volume = Length x Width x Height.


  • VOLUME CHALLENGE: When you have finished, check out the volume puzzle on this page ----->              Make a prediction before you press the 'Show' button to see what happens next. Send me an email with your explanations as to why you think this result happened.


  • English  - Watch the video below which shows the story of King Midas but with a modern day twist. Using your green books, create a comic strip to retell the story. Remember to use speech and thought bubbles.


  • When you have finished your comic strip, write down one thing you would wish for if you were King Midas. Don't forget to think about the consequences.




Still image for this video


  • Topic - This term we will be focusing on the Ancient Greeks. Using Google Earth or an Atlas locate the country of Greece. Create a Powerpoint or double page spread in your books and tell me about its location. You could include: bordering countries/seas, biome situated within, time zone, latitude and longitude, northern/southern hemisphere


  • Free Read - Keep reading 6B, only 4 people had completed a ZPD quiz in the final week of term. Lexia children - please remember to complete your Lexia minutes. 


If you have any questions at all 6B, please email me on the class email ( or drop me a message on SATs Companion!


I hope you all have a lovely first day back and I can't wait to hear from you all.


Miss Bradley

David Walliams If you follow the link below, each day you can listen to David Walliams reading one his short stories from the 'World's Worst Children'.


Easter Activities - Optional

You don't have to do them but they are here if you want something to do laugh.

Open the file below and you will find indoor and outdoor suggested activities.

Feel free to email in any photos of activities you complete.


Have a lovely break!


Miss Bradley

Friday 27th March 2020


More fantastic work from you all yesterday 6B. It has been wonderful to see pictures of you completing other activities not included in the daily set tasks too.


Good Morning and Happy Friday!


Well done 6B, we made it through our first week of home learning! I don't know about you but I have certainly learnt a lot. 

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all of you! Firstly, for showing excellent commitment to your learning this week and secondly, for keeping in touch. It has been lovely hearing from you all and seeing all the work that you have been completing and has given me something to look forward to throughout the day. My highlight of the week has definitely been receiving the videos and pictures of you playing your musical instruments.


I would also like to say a big thank you to all the parents/guardians who have been supporting you over the past week and who didn't sign up to be educators.


In order to show how grateful you are too 6B, you can do any one of the following on top of today's learning:

- Tidy your bedroom (if it needs doing)

- Make your parent/guardian breakfast or lunch (ask if you can beforehand and don't use anything electrical without adult supervision)

- Make them a drink

- Hoover the house

- Wash the dishes (empty the dishwasher)

- Empty the bin

or any other activity your parent asks you to do laugh





  • Spelling - Please log on to SATs Companion and complete the spelling assessment.


  • Maths - Log on to SATs Companion - please complete the reasoning 2 actvitity (Last one I promise). Make sure you use your orange books to show your working. Remember if you need to draw little diagrams to help you then please do so and note down the key information.


  • English  - Please complete the Reading assessment on SATs companion and complete any ZPD quizzes on the STAR Reader platform Use the following link to access this:


  • Topic - Design a quiz on purple mash using the programme '2Quiz'. Your quiz must be Geography based and focus on the continents North and South America. You could ask questions about natural and physical features, location, animals, vegetation, biomes, climate or population. I have set it as a 'To do task' so you should be able to find the programme once you have logged on. Please save it into the 'Geography Quiz' folder and let me know if you have any problems.

This is the icon of the programme you should be using.


Remember to mix up the question types that you include. Look at the image below to see the different question types you can use and play around with these when you are designing your quiz.


  • Next term we will be looking at the Ancient Greeks. Take some time to find out some interesting facts about them and share these on the Ancient Greek shared blog with your classmates. Try not to repeat any facts that have already been shared so make sure you check before you comment.


I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday and I will look forward to speaking to you all again on Tuesday 14th April.


Look after yourselves and stay safe!


Miss Bradley

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good Morning 6B!

Thank you very much to all of you that sent work yesterday. It really is lovely to see everything that you have been doing. Here are just a few of the pieces I received:



  • TT Rockstars - Well done 6B we are storming ahead! 6K will have to raise their game if they want to beat us. Don't get complacent though - complete a minimum of 5 goes in any mode.


  • Maths - Log on to SATs Companion - please complete 'Reasoning paper A'. Remember to use your orange books to show your working out. I will be looking over the results from these to work out which areas we need to continue to practise.


  • SPAGLog on to SATs Companion - complete the 'Grammar punctuation and spelling' task. Remember to read the questions carefully.


  • English  - Continue to write the newspaper article that was set yesterday using the video. If you think you have finished this, have a proof read through yourself before sending it over. Check that you have included all of the success criteria.


  • French - Go to and have a go at learning some French. You don't need to set up an account and it will talk you through the basics - make sure you click new to French. You can also download the app as long as you have a parent's permission.


  • Topic/Music - Watch the video below which shows a group of girls from Paraguay playing musical instruments made from recycled rubbish where they live.


  • Can you make an instrument made from materials you find in the home? If you are struggling for ideas you can google search: instruments made from recycled materials.  Once you have made an instrument, send a picture through or better still record yourself playing it.


  • Go Noodle - Take some time to relax with some yoga.

  • Free Read - Spend time reading a book of your choice. Remember to try and complete a ZPD quiz before the end of the week.


If you have any questions at all 6B, please email me on the class email ( or drop me a message on SATs Companion!


Miss Bradley

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning 6B!


Thank you very much to all of those children that submitted work yesterday. It was lovely to see some of you take a really creative approach to your work and I thought it would be nice to share some of them on here.


For those of you that haven't been in touch yet, don't forget you can contact me directly on SATs Companion through the messaging tool.



  • TT Rockstars - Please complete a minimum of 5 studio sessions. The battle is on 6B vs 6K. Who will come out on top?


  • Maths - Please complete the maths arithmetic independently. Take your time and use your orange books to show your working out.


  • Reading: Read the article attached below about the three little pigs and answer the comprehension questions in your green books.



  • English - Watch the video of the three little pigs below. Think about what the report is about? What are the pigs being accused of? What are the public's opinions? Once you have watched the video write a newspaper article to go in 'The Guardian'. 


Three Little Pigs - Video

When writing your newspaper report think carefully about the features we looked at in class: third person, relative clauses, facts, quotes, heading and sub-headings. You can draw pictures if you like and create your own captions.


This will probably take you a couple of hours so don't think that you have to get it done all in one day. You can continue with it on Thursday.

Science - our science topic for this term is evolution and inheritance. Sadly, we didn't get chance to explore the inheritance side of things before we left school on Friday. Please go to the link below, watch the video and read the information beneath it.

Once you have watched the video and read the information, I would like you to use Mr Men characters to create a family of your own.



If Little Miss Bad and Mr Sneeze produced an offspring their children may look like any of the below.

The middle one has kept Mr Sneeze's body shape but has Little Miss Bad's short legs, freckled face and smile.


To take this activity a step further you could mix one of the offspring with a different Mr Men character and see what their offspring would look like.



You can use any of the characters from below:

Topic - Make a shoebox/box biome.

Take your time - it doesn't have to be finished in a day.

I hope that you have plenty to get on with but if any of you do finish everything, you can always get in touch to ask for more to do.


I have also successfully set up the Purple Mash blog which you can use to communicate with each other. Please go to the shared section on Purple Mash and you should find a blog called '6B Home Learning'. If you can't find it please let me know.


Keep up the great work 6B - I have been very impressed with what I have seen so far.


Miss Bradley

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Check your messages on SATs Companion - important update! 


Bring your A game 6B!


Purple Mash Blog - Update

I think I have finally managed to set up the blog 6B. You should be able to access it by following the link below:

or logging into Purple Mash, going to the shared section and then 6B home learning. Hopefully you can add messages here for our class to see.


Please let me know if you experience any problems.


Good morning Class 6B!


I hope you all got on okay yesterday.


It was lovely to receive written work and emails from many of you yesterday. I am currently looking at setting up a blog on Purple Mash so that you can all keep in contact with one another. I will let you know once this is up and  running.

For those of you that haven't been in touch yet, don't forget you can contact me directly on SATs Companion through the messaging tool.



  • Reading: Log on to SATs Companion and complete the set reading task on Frida Kahlo. Remember to take your time and read the questions carefully. 


  • TT Rockstars - Please complete a minimum of 5 studio sessions as a maths warm-up. Why not contact some friends and get them to go on at the same time so you can compete again each other?


  • Maths - Log on to SATs companion - please complete the activity 'negative numbers in real life contexts'. If you need a reminder on how to do this, go to the lessons section and watch the video 'Negative numbers' - aim for 80% to earn a trophy.


  • SPAG - Continuing the work from yesterday, log on to SATs Companion and complete the task 'Verbs in the perfect form'. If you have forgotten what this is, remember you can go to the lessons section and watch the video verb tenses.


  • Go Noodle - It is time to get moving 6B - I am continuing to work on my shuffle technique. What new moves will you learn today? Check out the video at the bottom of today's timetable (Fresh Prince of BEL-AIR).


  • Art - In class we have been looking at POP Art. Andy Warhol, who was born in Pennsylvania in North America, is a fantastic pop artist. He often took 'ordinary' items and transformed them into works of art. Using an 'ordinary' item from around your house, can you create your own piece of POP art? You can use any media: paint, colouring pencils, oil pastels (whatever you can access at home). Have a look at some of the examples below:


POP Art examples


  • Topic - Can you create an information text to teach another year 6 pupil about the different biomes around the world?  The biomes I would like you to focus on are tropical rainforest, desert, polar and temperate forest.You could present your work like this:


Whilst your double page spread wont be about the jungle, I want you to look at how creative you can be with your presentation.

Remember to talk about climate, vegetation and animals.  






  • Free Read - remember to take some time to yourself and enjoy a book.


If you have any questions at all 6B, please email me on the class email ( or drop me a message on SATs Companion!


I look forward to hearing from you all and receiving today's work.


Miss Bradley

Fresh Prince Theme Song - GoNoodle

Get moving 6B!

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Class 6B!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for your first day of home learning. 


  •  Joe Wicks P.E - You can catch this from 09:00 - 09:30 on YouTube. Please click the following link:
  • Spelling - Please log on to spelling shed - this week we are looking at adding the suffix '-ibly' to create an adverb. Aim to reach Royal Bee status.
  • Maths - Log on to SATs companion - please complete the activity 'Add and subtract fractions with different denominators'. If you need a reminder on how to do this, go to the lessons section and watch the video 'Adding and subtracting fractions'. 
  • SPAGLog on to SATs Companion - go to the lessons section and watch 'Verb Tenses'. Once you have watched this, complete the activity 'Verbs in the progressive form'.
  • English  - Look at the image below, continue the story. Decide who the next visitor is to the shop. What are they after? What do they find? This is a descriptive piece of writing so consider how you want the reader of the story to perceive the character Mr Obadiah - think about voice, looks and mannerisms (e.g. does he fiddle with things, have a twitch, play with his facial hair). Please complete this activity in either your green books or on Microsoft Word and email it across using the class email address.
  • Story starter!

    He drummed his long, wiry fingers on the counter, waiting for his next customer.

    The Curiosity Shop attracted the strangest of visitors, drawn to the unique range of peculiarities within. There was certainly more to the shop that met the eye, and people travelled from far and wide to peruse the bizarre collection.

    Mr. Obadiah (the owner) had resided behind the counter of this wondrous shop for as long as anyone could remember, and was now regarded far and wide as the finest purveyor of bizarre oddities and trinkets; a collection to excite and mesmerise even its most impartial visitor.

    As the next customer arrived, Mr. Obadiah opened his moustachioed mouth to speak…

  • Computing - Using Scratch (you can access this online) see if you can successfully create the maze game. Your 'Sprite' needs to be able to move in all four directions and rebound off walls. You will need to start from scratch (pun intended) as you will be unable to access the ones you started in school. Use the following link:
  • Topic - Greenland is in the continent of North America - find out which biome it is in and write a postcard as though you have been on a holiday there. Remember to mention what the climate is like and what plants and animals you have seen. You can then draw a picture to go on the front of your postcard. You can do this in your green books, on purple mash through 2Write or on any other computer programme. I will look forward to reading them.
  • Free Read - remember to take some time to yourself and enjoy a book.


I hope you have no trouble accessing all of the above, but as discussed in school, you may need to be patient with the internet speed. 

If you have any questions at all 6B, please email me on the class email ( or drop me a message on SATs Companion!


I hope your first day goes okay laugh


Miss Bradley



Thank you very much to all parents who attended our class showcase today. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing what they had learned over the past term and are looking forward to the next one.


If you didn't manage to catch it, please check out the video below which will give you an insight into some of the activities we have done this term.



It has been lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about a variety of authors and being eager to share the books they are reading with the rest of the class this half-term.


As a class, we have finished 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' and are looking forward to getting stuck into 'Goodnight Mister Tom'.


I would like to say a big thank you to all of the children and the parents for your commitment to reading this half-term.




If you are looking for age appropriate books for your child to read,  please have a look at the attachment below.