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Friday 22nd May 2020

Good Morning 6B

Well done boys and girls, we have nearly made it to the end of the first half of Summer term. Please take some time today to check out all the amazing work you guys have been completing by looking at the photos on the class 6B homepage.


I hope that you all have a wonderful half-term and I will look forward to hearing about what you have all been getting up to.


Suggested Timetable for Today

Morning Activities:

09:00 - P.E: Joe Wicks/Personal exercise choice

09:30 - Reading: Test B

10:15 - Maths:  Cube Nets Challenge

11:00 - English: The Night Thieves

11:45 - TT Rock Stars 


Afternoon activities:

Well-being - Positive Hands

Class Read - 'Wonder' (15 mins)


P.E: Get yourselves warmed up for the day by completing Joe Wicks 30 minute morning workout by clicking here.

It's the last day of half-term, I think this calls for a dance. Get those feet moving by picking a dance of your choice on GoNoodle by clicking the image.


Reading: Please log on to SATs Companion and complete the final assessment of the week. To read the text, click on the tab on the right and it will pull out from the right hand-side. 

Remember to read the questions carefully and ensure that you use the information in the text.

Maths: Can you solve the maths challenge in the image below?

When drawing nets, make sure to use a pencil and a ruler. You could always cut your different nets out and fold them to check that each of them work. Be careful not to repeat any by creating a rotation of a net you have already drawn.

English: The Night Thieves is the title of today's creative write, which is based on the image you can see below.

Look closely at the image and make a prediction about what it is that you think is going on based on the title. 


Have a look at the question below and answer them yourselves before reading the Story Starter.






You could jot your ideas down or share them with someone in your household





Story starter!

Every night, when the city sleeps, they come out of hiding. Their home is far below the city, and during the day when the city is alive with activity like a hive of busy bees they spend their time planning and plotting their next job.

You see, during the night, when they think nobody will see them (they are exceptionally small) they sneak around above ground. They take things. Valuable things.

Have you ever had something go missing and wondered where it has gone? You may have just found the reason why!

Tonight is no different: they are on their way to make a small fortune…



Be as creative but as detailed as you can and continue the story. Make sure that your ideas are clear and that you aim to make the reader feel something e.g. nervous, scared, excited.

Think carefully about your sentence structure. Can you use adverbial and prepositional phrases?


Before sending your work through please proofread it. Check punctuation for direct speech - remember new line, new speaker.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

TT Rock Stars:  Log on to TT Rock Stars and complete 5 studios. Why not challenge your friends to a Rock Slam whilst you are on there?

Well-being: This afternoon I would like you to draw around both of your hands (one at a time obviously wink) so that they look like the image below.

On the left hand, I would like you to fill it with all the wonderful things that have happened in your life so far. You could include: achievements, family events, things that have happened in school anything at all that has happened and made you feel good.

On the right hand, I would like you to fill it with all the things that you are looking forward to. This could be things that are happening within the next year but it could also be things that you hope to happen in the distant future. For example a job that you might like to have.


You can write some things in note form and draw others - get creative and remember to colour them in. 

I can't wait to see all that you are proud of and what you are looking forward to!


Wonder - Chapters 13, 14, 15 & 16

Still image for this video