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Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Good Morning 6B


Hello and welcome to another day of home learning. I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed yesterday's activities.


Suggested Timetable for Today

Morning Activities:

P.E: NSSW - Aiming

Flashback 4: Maths Recap

Spelling Shed: Challenge List 32

Maths: Angles on a Straight Line & Around a Point

Reading: Free Read & Quizzes

English: Using Semi-colons

DT: Researching a Design

Year 6 Leavers: Write down your favourite memory of Scotby School


P.E: As mentioned yesterday, this week is National School Sports Week. Yesterday's sport theme was athletics and it has been wonderful to see lots of you rising to the challenge and getting your family involved. Today's activity links to aiming. Download the sheet attached below to find out a little more


Flashback 4: Well done on yesterday's flashback the answers are as follows.

1) There are plenty of combinations you could have had as long as when you complete the sum the answer is 10. Here are some that you could have had:

a = 5 b = 0 or a = 4 b = 2 

2) y = 6.5

3) 68%

4) 7801

Take a look at today's Flashback 4 below. Remember when multiplying fractions together it is simple - multiply the numerators together and then the denominators together. Don't forget to leave your answer as a mixed fraction.

Spelling Shed: Get yourselves logged on to Spelling Shed and complete this week's list - Challenge List 32.

Aim to reach Royal Bee status rather than just completing your 5 attempts.

6K made it to the top of the Spelling Shed leader board yesterday, can you overtake them?

Maths: Yesterday, we explored angles on a straight line and how they add up to 180°. Before completing today's activity on SATs Companion, refresh yourselves with how to find angles around a point by watching this video below.

Angles at a Point

Reading: Find yourselves a cosy place to sit and get stuck into a book of your choice.

A few children have been asking lately about how to access STAR Reader. Unfortunately, you can't just google the website. You need to use the link provided by school as each link is unique. 

To access our schools STAR Reader account, click on the computer image to the right. You can always save this link to your computer by clicking on the star at the top right in your browser bar.


English: Today, I would like you to explore the use of the semi-colon. Log on to SATs Companion to watch the video on semi-colons under the lessons section. When you have finished watching it, complete the task 'Use semi-colons'. 


In addition to this, please complete your non-chronological reports by importing images into the picture boxes that you have available.

DT: Check out the next lesson on designing your digger to help Stanley. The session explores simple machines and how you can use them to make complex machines. Download the slide below to find out more.
Year 6 Video: Please take some time this afternoon to think about and write down your favourite memory of Scotby school. If you would like me to have a look over the memory you plan on sharing before you record it, please send it to me via a message on SATs Companion.