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Hello boys and girls, I hope you have had a lovely half term!



I would love to hear all about the fun things that you have done. 

So today  I would like you to to do a recount. This is a piece of writing about a past event and the children usually do this when returning to school after a holiday. This half term would see us getting ready for year 2. So please remember all the rules for writing when you do your written work. Talk to an adult about what was the your favourite activity this week and why? Draw a picture of the activity first as this helps with our writing. If you have paper with lines on this is best for writing as it helps us form letters correctly. 



This week we are looking at fractions this will link with the work we have done on sharing. Today I would like you to draw some simple shapes and cut them out I have attached a sheet of shapes if you would like to use that or you can draw your own, if you draw your own please remember to use a ruler. Then find  half of the shape and cut it in half. Both pieces should be equal. Are there any shapes that can be cut in different ways but still in half? Which shapes can't be cut in half in different ways? Make sure you still know the names of all the shapes on the sheet. 


Draw or print off pictures of different parts of a plant. Cut them into separate pieces and spread them out on the floor. When your parent describes one of the parts, ‘splat’ the picture using your hand. Swap and have a go at describing each part for your parent!

Definitions for parents could include: this part of the plant is brightly coloured to attract bees (petals), this part of the plant supports the plant and transports water and nutrients (stem), this part helps the plant make food (leaves), this part of the plant keeps it in the ground and absorbs water and nutrients (roots).