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Friday 1st May

Good Morning 6B!


Have you got that Friday feeling? I know I have. 


First of all, I just want to say a HUGE well done! 14/17 of you have completed every single maths and SPAG activity this week, which has been fantastic! Let's see if next week we can top this.


Well done to Austin & Izzy, who have both completed STAR Reader quizzes this week! I know that many of you have finished reading books so come on 6B! Get logged on to STAR Reader using the link here to complete any outstanding quizzes.


Congratulations to Jameswho has recently graduated from Lexia. I know you have worked hard to achieve this.


Well done Jack for completing double your expected Lexia usage this week - I am looking forward to seeing you graduating in the next few weeks!


Please keep up the fantastic work 6B. I am incredibly proud of all that you are achieving!


Suggested timetable for today:

Joe Wicks - 09:00 - 09:30

Fluent in 5 - Arithmetic (5 mins)

Reading - Free Read (30 minutes)

SPAG - Simple, compound and complex sentences (30 mins)

Maths - Murder Mystery/Treasure Trail laugh (45-60 mins)

English - Creative writing (30 mins)

Topic - Do you have what it takes to be a Spartan warrior?

Golden Time - Create your own Spartan Trial



Joe Wicks: Complete the Joe Wicks workout. You can catch it live everyday from 09:00 - 09:30 on YouTube by following the link here.


Fluent in 5:

Please complete the questions above, aim to complete them within five minutes and then use the inverse operation to check your answers.


Reading: Well done to those of you that complete yesterday's reading and poetry task. It was a pleasure reading them and I am looking forward to posting some of them on the class page.


Today, please use your time to complete any outstanding quizzes or read for pleasure. You could also check out the 'Accelerated Reader Articles', which I think are a bit like Read Theory. 

To access them, log on to STAR Reader by clicking the link here and then select the 'Accelerated Reader Articles' icon. Please let me know your thoughts on them as I haven't used them before.




SPAG: Over the past week, we have been recapping the three different sentence types: simple, compound and complex. Today you are going to be completing a task that checks your knowledge on all three.


Let's recap on what we have covered this week:

Simple sentences = independent clause (makes sense on its own and must have a subject and a verb)


Compound Sentences = Two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS)


Complex Sentences = A complex sentence must contain the following things: a simple sentence and a dependent clause (in simpler terms, some extra information which has been added using either a subordinating conjunction (I SAW A WABUB) or a relative clause).


Log in to SATs Companion and have a go at the activity 'Identify simple, compound and complex sentences'.


Score over 80% and you should receive a trophy!


Maths: I know how much you enjoy these when we do them in class so here is our first ever Maths Murder Mystery (Treasure Trail) to complete at home.


Read through the attached document and solve the clues carefully.


When you think that you have the solution, drop me an email and I will let you know whether you would make a good Sherlock Holmes/Miss Marple.


Good luck!

English: We are going to follow the same structure as last week so I am going to give you a story opener and your task is to continue the story, taking it in any direction you choose.


Give yourselves 10 minutes to think about it and remember you can discuss your ideas with a family member. 


You then have 20 minutes to tell me the story and take me on an adventure.


After your 20 minutes is up, please take 5 minutes to check the following:


-Punctuation: full stops, capital letters, inverted commas, question marks etc.

-Cohesion (flow)


We had some fantastic responses to this last week so I am very much looking forward to seeing where you take me this week.


This week's story starter is ...

My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to my throat. It was him...



Topic: Do YOU have what it takes to be a Spartan warrior?


Check out the trials in the document below. Record your results, take lots of photos and let me know how you get on. 


When you have finished, create your own Spartan trial, email them over and I will share them on the class page for other people to try.




I have included two file types in case you can't access one.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!


Miss Bradley laugh