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Year 2

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous half term holiday and enjoyed the beautiful weather we’re having at the moment! I’m back at school full time now, so I won’t be as available through the day as I have been. Please do still send me an email though and I’ll get back to you by the end of the day. I’d still love to see updates of what you’re doing – I’m missing you guys lots sad but seeing your updates always makes me smile and brightens my day. heart


I will still be posting the suggested timetable each day. Any tasks that have been set on Purple Mash will not be available until the set day as these go out on a schedule so don’t worry if you can’t see it all straight away.


Suggested weekly activities:

Spelling Shed: This week I’ve added common exception words for you to look over

MyMaths: Some of you have one activity this week, some of you have two. Please just do these at your own pace, there’s no pressure.

Purple Mash: There is only one activity on Purple Mash this week which will be available from Tuesday and is about compound nouns.

TT Rockstars: Have a go on here as a warmup sometimes if you like – see if you can beat your high score!

Espresso: There is one activity for you to complete here this week. The link to access it will be provided on the day.

Reading: Remember there are many book accessible over on the Oxford Owl website, which you can then take quizzes for over on start reader. Well done to those who have completed quizzes on there last half term!

Lexia/Nessy: If you’re on these programmes, please spend some time on them this week. Well done and congratulations to all those who have completed their weekly usage target and have recently completed levels. smiley


I think that’s all…have a great week everyone. smiley

Toots and Dudes!


I now have your log on details for Charanga Yumu, the site we use to practise with our toots and dudes. If you would like to go on, please email me and I'll be able to provide you with your log in details. smiley

Welcome to Year 2! 


This page will keep you up to date with what is happening in and out of school, while we are closed to most pupils. I am keen to keep in touch with you all, both individually and as a class.


Please email me at with any questions or queries you have during this time. You can also leave messages for me on Purple Mash or communicate with the class on the blog over there. I will be checking these regularly throughout the day.

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and have a lovely weekend. I am at the hub school for the first half of this week and won’t be able to easily access emails. Please do contact me if you need anything and I’ll be in touch by the end of the day.


enlightenedThank you to those who sent in art competition entries!


yesIt is Mental Health Awareness Week this week and the theme this year is kindness. We have looked at mindfulness and talking about our feelings every Friday during lockdown, but I’ll be suggesting daily activities for you to complete each day if you wish. heart



Have you seen Miss Bradley's creative task over on our Twitter page? If you decorate a rock I'd love to see your designs!

enlightenedFrom the 12th May, there will be a new email address available to contact if you have any questions or worries about emotional well-being, special educational needs or if you need advice or guidance for support for you and your family.


Good morning Year 2, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Did you have VE day stay at home picnic? I did in my back garden. laugh


Please find below the suggested timetable for today. Parents, please remember that these are only suggestions, there is no pressure from me to get any of these activities completed. I understand the complications of this new way of living and working and I wouldn’t want to add any stress to that. The most important thing to me right now is that your children are safe and happy. heart


If you need anything, I'm here for you. 

Good morning guys, I hope you all had a great weekend.


Weekly tasks:

My Maths: There are two activities for you to complete this week on measures, you have all week to do these.

Spelling Shed: special focus - contractions and apostrophes. Sometimes we squash two words together to make one word. Have a look at these spellings and see which ones you recognise.

TT Rockstars: Congratulations to those of you who received a certificate last week from me! Spend some time on here this week as a warmup before your maths sessions.

Lexia/Nessy/Star Reader: If you are on these programmes please spend some time on them this week.

Good morning all, happy Monday!


I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I am at the hub for the first half of this week so I won’t be able to easily access emails during the school day. Please do still contact me though and I will get back to you later on the day.


Weekly to dos:

My Maths – a fractions activity to check all your learning has soaked up into those brains of yours! You have all week to complete this.

TT Rockstars – spend some time on this each week and see if you can beat your highscore.

Spelling Shed – a bit of a change this week, I’ve added a selection of words that no spelling rule that we’ve learned so far applies to them. These are tricky words, but we do look at them in our spelling sessions – remember jumping red words?

Lexia – don’t forget to complete your weekly usage.

Star Reader – if you are on star reader, remember to a quiz on each book you read if a quiz is available.


For our suggested daily activities, please click the links below.

Below are the Year 2 Common Exception words for you. How many can you spell?

Useful links