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 Good morning!


Today I would like you to read the Story back to Earth with a bump. You can read this by yourself or take turns reading a page at a time with an a parent. 

Then think about the adventure and would you would take with you on your own adventure. Choose items to put in your backpack but also write why you would take these items. I can't wait to see what you choose to take. 

Spelling Shed


Please access the new Spelling Shed task to practise suffixes ing and ed. The passwords have been changed so if you need it please email the class account. 



Please read these problems independently and solve the questions. If you are secure ask an adult to write some 3-digit numbers and find 1 more or 1 less than a 3-digit number. 



What do plants need to grow? Buy some seeds and plant them in 4 different pots.Place one on the kitchen window sill with water and sunlight, one on the windowsill with no water, one in a dark cupboard but water it and one in a cupboard with no water. Use the attached sheet to make your predictions. Water the two pots that

require water daily. See what happens! What conclusions can you draw from this? Can you answer the question: What does a plant need to grow?