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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Good Morning 6B

Joke of the Day: Why did the child eat his homework?

(Scroll to the bottom of the class page for the answer)

Keep the jokes coming 6B, no matter how cheesy!


Suggested Timetable for Today

Morning Activities:

P.E: Yoga

Mini Maths: Simplifying Expressions

Reading: Chapters 10 - 12 Holes

Maths:  Converting miles to kilometres

English: Non-Chronological Report 

Science - Separating Mixtures

Music - Livin' On A Prayer


P.E: Yesterday we kicked off with some meditation, let's keep up with this line of exercise today and do some yoga. Remember exercise helps us to keep a healthy mind, so if yoga isn't your thing (you don't know until you try), make sure you complete another form of exercise today.

Feel Good Flow - Yoga With Adriene

Mini Maths: Please see below the answers to yesterday's mini maths questions. If you are continuously getting the same question incorrect e.g. multiplying decimals, get in touch and I will do a video walk through on how to tackle them. This way you can hopefully start getting them right. 

After you have checked over yesterday's answers, have a look at today's questions. First notice that there are 4 questions instead of one. To simplify each expression, simply identify how many you have of each letter and then write it as a sum.


2b + c +3c + 5b + b = 8b + 4c

Reading: Today we are going to be reading chapters 10 - 12 of Holes - the chapters are only short so it shouldn't take you very long. Download the PowerPoint below for today's comprehension questions and then answer them in your green books.



Maths: Today we are going to be looking at converting between miles & kilometres. 


Have a look at the poster to the left and then complete the White Rose Maths sheet  that is attached below.



English:  It was lovely to see lots of you thinking carefully about your sub-headings yesterday. Here are a few that you may have used:

nutrition, habitat, exercise, behaviour management, hygiene.

Today, I would like you to choose another paragraph to write about for your non-chronological report. When you have decided which paragraph you are going to write about next, plan it out. Think about what information your reader will need to know.

For example: Nutrition

What does it eat? Does this type of food need to be prepared in a certain way?How much and how often? What are the best times for feeding? Is it allowed any treats? Does it have any allergies? What can it drink? 

When you have jotted all of your questions down, answer them and try to be as specific as possible. Remember somebody is going to be reading your non-chronological report and wondering how to keep their lizard safe. The more information you can give the better, but keep it precise and don't 'waffle'.

After you have planned your content, log on to Purple Mash and write the next paragraph. By Friday your non-chronological report should be complete.

They are all looking fantastic so far so keep up the fab work!

Science: Today you are going to be having a look at planning your own investigation as a follow up to last weeks dissolving lesson. You will need to think carefully about how to conduct your test fairly and what equipment you will need. Download the presentation attached below to find out a little more. 

Music: Last week, we started learning the song 'Livin On A Prayer' by Jon Bon Jovi.

Warm up by going over the 2 verses you learnt last week, then have a go at tackling the chorus and bridge parts.

If you feel ready, have a go at singing through the whole song.

Remember your login details are available on SATs Companion.

Joke answer: His teacher told him it was a piece of cake! laugh