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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good Morning 6B


Suggested Timetable for Today

Morning Activities:

P.E: Wacky Races

Mini Maths: Read and Write Algebra

Spelling Shed: Challenge List 24

Maths: Converting Metric Measures

Reading: Free Read

English: Non-chronological Reports

Topic - Islamic Civilisation - Design your own city


P.E: In my home town (Knaresborough) every year they hold an event called The Great Knaresborough Bed Race. The event should have been taking place this weekend but sadly it has had to be cancelled along with many other events. You can check out part of the event in the video below.

My P.E challenge for you this week is to come up with your own 'Wacky Race' for you and your family to complete. It could be a crawling race, a three legged race, an obstacle course etc. It would be fab to see the whole family getting involved.

Bed Race 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Mini Maths: Below you can see the answers to yesterday's 'Mini Maths':

Have a look at yesterday's answers. Pay particular attention to Q3 and Q4.

When the sum is a division it is shown as a fraction.

When the answer involves a multiplication e.g. 4 x  X, this can be simplified to 4X

Work your way through the questions below carefully. Remember to take your time and to show your working out. Use the information shown in yesterday's answers to help you with 3 and 4. 


Spelling Shed: Please log on to Spelling Shed online and complete the activity 'Challenge List 24'. All of the challenge words are taking from the year 5/6 statutory word list.

Aim to reach Royal Bee status rather than just completing the 5 attempts.

Challenge yourself by choosing an appropriate level of difficulty - you could start easy but then progress through the difficulty levels that are available.


Maths: Today we will be continuing to look at metric measures, but today we will be converting them. 


I would like you to complete the White Rose activity sheet that is attached below.


Use the poster, which you can see on the right, if you can't remember how many ml are in a litre etc. 


Remember that when converting this involves multiplying and dividing by 10,100, 1000 etc depending on the unit you are converting between. E.g. converting cm to mm = x 10 

m to cm = x 100


Please get in touch if you need any help at all 6B.


Reading: Take some time to yourself today to read a book of your choice. If you have completed a book recently, please remember to complete your STAR Reader quizzes. I know that some of you have read a significant number of books since we started home learning, which is absolutely fantastic. Please take a moment today to let me know what you are reading as I would love to know smiley.


Click on the image of the computer to head to STAR Reader and complete any outstanding quizzes.

English: Today we are going to be looking at non-chronological reports with the intention of building up to writing our own.


Non-chronological = not in time order.


I would like to start by recapping on the features of this genre of writing.


Open up today's PowerPoint to find out more...

Topic: In topic we have been looking at the Early Islamic Civilisation. Previously we explored Baghdad and looked at its location. Today I would like you to quickly recap on the city of Baghdad by viewing the slides below and then have a go at designing your own city.

Optional Task

As this is the last task of the day, after you have drawn it and if you want to, you could have a go at bringing your city to life by building it. You could use cardboard, Lego, Polydron, 3D Sketch Up, Minecraft or any other method that you think would work.