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Friday 12th June 2020

Good Morning 6B 


Welcome to your final day of learning for the week.

I just wanted to quickly apologise for the lack of photos going up lately. Unfortunately, I have had some technical trouble throughout the week, which I hope to resolve today. I will do my best to put up the photos for this week over the coming days.

I hope that you enjoy today's tasks and that you all have lovely weekend. Please feel free to get in touch throughout the day if you need any help.


Suggested Timetable for Today:

P.E: Pump It Up

Mini Maths: Read & Write Algebra

English: Standard English

Maths: Read, Write & Convert Time

DT: Design and Build a Hole Making Machine

Golden Time: 'Holes' Movie Clip


P.E: Get yourselves warmed up today by following the exercises in the video below. 

Pump It Up - Fresh Start Fitness | GoNoodle

Pump up your body... and your jam with this intense and awesome workout.

Mini Maths: Check out the answers to yesterday's algebra in the picture below. I was very impressed 6B to see lots of you applying your understanding from the previous days. Well done also to those who found this a challenge at the beginning of the week but have worked hard to tackle it.

Today's algebra really does take it to the next level so I am going to run through a quick example, which hopefully you will be able to apply to today's questions.



Miss Bradley has C books on her class shelf. 

1.) A child borrows 4 books = C - 4

2.) Miss Bradley then shares the leftover books between the 3 Upper Junior classes = C - 4/ 3

3.) Having shared the books out, Miss Bradley buys 6 more to add to her share = C- 4/3 + 6

Remember that the / symbol is used to show a fraction line. Now have a go at the questions below.

English: Over the past couple of days, we have focused on formal tone including the use of the passive voice. Today, I would like to recap on the rules of Standard English.

Rules of Standard English

1. No slang

2. Subjects and verbs must agree - example:

I were going to the park = I was going to the park.

are and were = plural  is and was = singular

3. No double negatives - example:

He ain't never told lies.

Please check out the video on SATs Companion under the lessons section called 'Standard English' and work through the activities. When you have finished, complete the set task on SATs Companion.


Maths: Today we are going to be looking at reading, writing and converting between analogue and digital clocks. Some of you are confident with this already; others may wish for a quick recap. 

For those of you that wish to refresh your memories, check out the videos on the BBC Bitesize by clicking HERE.

When you are ready, log on to SATs Companion and complete the set task. Remember to use number lines to calculate time intervals. COLUMN ADDITION DOES NOT WORK WITH TIME.

DT: Over the next half term, you are going to be applying your understanding of gears, levers and pulleys to build a machine that will help Stanley with his daily work (digging holes).

Download the PowerPoint below to find out more about what you need to do.

Golden Time: Check out the next part of Holes and enjoy your Friday afternoon laugh.

Holes (Part 3)