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Year 1/2: Mrs White

           Summer Term 

It's hard to believe we are into the final term of the school year. This is a busy term and we have lots of fun activities planned. I have attached our Summer Overview, Maths Overviews and spelling overviews. Science lessons will now be taught by Mrs Winter when I am out of the classroom on a Wednesday afternoon. PE continues to be on a Monday afternoon and we are delighted to have Harry from  CUFC FITC back teaching us Athletics this term. 

Last week the children wrote letters to their grandparents asking them to answer questions about what their holidays were like in the past, these were holidays they had as a child. If you could email any information to the class email I would be really grateful. 




Fiona White is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: My Meeting
Time: Jul 5, 2021 09:00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 936 5347 9063
Passcode: j2jJ4c

Remote education WB 22.3.21

Remote Education Wb 15/3/21

Remote education 8.3.21

 Science Wednesday 31st March

Today we are going to learn about how our bodies change as we get older. Copy the address below below and follow the lesson and its activities 





Remote Eduction Pan WC 1.3.21

Happy back to Home Schooling 

This week I have changed the format of the planning. I have uploaded the weekly plan and then just popped all the resources you will need on to the class pages. Please look at the the plan for each day then go to the class page for resources. 

Each day has the times of zoom sessions. 

Timetable W/C 22/2/21

Please note the PE tasks have been moved to the Video Resource Centre. As soon as we have a password to access them I will pop on here. 

 Parent please note there is a change to the zoom sessions this week. I would like to get the children together in smaller groups so they can have some social time with their friends, a chance to chat and catch up. I have put the zoom sessions on the class pages. There is one group each day and two groups on Thursday. The zoom session will have your child's initial next to it if they are to attend on that day.

Friday afternoons story zoom and games will be on Thursday this week as I am at a family funeral on Friday. Apologies if I do not reply to emails on Friday. 


Year 1. We used this link in our Maths session yesterday. Please practise place value. Anyone in Year 2 who is struggling with place value can revisit too.

Good morning everyone. I hope we are ready for another week of home learning. I would just like to say the work I have seen so far has been fantastic! Well done. 

Please note sometimes I add activities to the class page late at night so please remember to only access the pages daily to ensure you see all activities. 


Please have a pencil and paper ready for zoom sessions. 

Super information Alfie and Jessica.

Carlisle Castle

Happy New Year to you all.


Although this is not the start to the year that we would want let's hope it will help with the bigger picture. 


Home learning will be uploaded as in the last lockdown, please do what you can. A lot of the worksheet activities that I have uploaded can also be done in a much more practical way and this is how we would work in school so I will add practical suggestions too. 


The children were very excited about our new topic Castles and we had discussed some exciting activities so hopefully we will be back to school as quick as possible. 


On Friday afternoon I will attach a link  to a zoom meeting so we can have storytime together so please check on Friday's page for the time and link. 


Next week I will be also starting our class text and will do through youtube as in the previous lockdown. 


If you have concerns or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Take care 

Mrs White heart

Ava adapting the Maths worksheets this week in school and Oliver through home learning.

Super History and Geography work this week, well done everyone!

Fun in the snow!

Christmas dinner and party day.

 Well done to Maggie and her little brother Freddie.

Maggie and her family made Christmas decorations last week and sold them to family and passing neighbours. Maggie raised over £500, which will be donated to Eden Valley Hospice. We are very proud of you Maggie!

A huge well done to our class. We won the class of the week for the most books read and quizzes completed on accelerated reader. This is the 3rd week we have won and we are the first infant class to read more books than any other class! You are amazing!
Please note Big Maths have increased the timings for the 'learn Its' challenges. Many children were able to score highly last week as they have longer to record their answers. Use this link to watch the the Christmas story. Then look at the activity booklet below. Break the story down into arts like the booklet and rewrite the story in your own words. You can use the template booklet or you can make your own book. 

 WB 23/11/20


This week in Maths we are focusing on shape.

Here are some activities for the week.

In English we are working up to a descriptive piece of writing about the Savannah.

Look at the African animals in the pictures below. Use adjectives to describe them. 

Now write sentences about what the animals might be doing in the Savannah. Your sentences should include a doing word (verb) with an ing ending ( suffix).

For example:

The fierce lion is hunting.

A sleepy zebra is sleeping.

The tall giraffe is grazing.

Can you think of your own sentences. 


Look at pictures of a Savannah sunset. Can you use hot colours to create your own sunset. You could add silhouette animals once your sunset is dry. 

Remote Learning W/C 16.11.20

Please remember this work is only if your child is absent from school.


Handwriting practise. Remember where your letters start.

This week our class will be making Poppies to hang in the village so please look out for your child's poppy from Wednesday 11th November. 



Autumn 2 spelling Overview

Remote learning 8.11.20

Please remember to access Spelling shed at home. If you need the password or login for Spelling shed or Purple Mash please email the class email and I will resend them. 

Home Learning 

This week please revisit any spelling errors that were sent home on the last day of term. 


Tuesday 3rd November 


Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th November


  Year 1    Watch the video and complete the maths sheet


Year 2 Watch the video and complete the worksheet.


Please look at the powerpoint with an adult and discuss these events from the past. 

Welcome to Year 1/2

It's lovely to be back at school!


The children have settled  quickly, adapting well to the new routines. 


Over the next few weeks we will be revisiting prior learning. We will be focusing on phonics and reading. I will post an overview of our phonics and spelling patterns so please practise these at home with your child. Year 2 children will be revisiting already taught sounds to prepare them for the phonics screening check after half term.  


All children should have brought a reading book home by now. Books can be returned on a Wednesday and new ones will be given out. 


If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me through the new email.



General Information


Just a reminder that reading books stay at home and are only returned on a Wednesday, if your child has read the books they can reread them to increase pace and fluency. 


On a Wednesday afternoon I have my P.P.A time so  Miss Buckingham will teach Science to the class. 

Remote Learning Plan Week Commencing 12th October 2020

Remote Learning Tues 13th to Friday 16th October


Friday 18th September 

Today your child should have come home with their Spelling Shed password. I have put the year 1 and year 2 common exception words on Spelling Shed for the children to practise. I have uploaded all the words but we will concentrate on a few each week in class (please see the spelling overview ). The children need to be able to read and spell these words and they are tricky so please support your child at home with this.

  Next Friday I will post the homework activities that can be completed in your own time, although I would like to see the homework activities before half term.   If you could photograph any activities your child is really proud of and email them to me and I will share them in school. Every Monday I will upload an overview of activities that we will be doing in school. If your child  is absent from school they can complete them at home, if they are well enough to do so. If you have any problems logging in at home to Spelling Shed or have any questions; no matter how small, please get in touch using the class email.


Mrs White 


Spelling Overview Autumn 1

Welcome to Year1/2!