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Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good Morning 6B


I hope that you are all well and that you are ready for another day of home learning. Not long to go now 6B!


Suggested Timetable for Today

P.E: Full Speed

Flashback 4: Maths Recap

Spelling Shed: Adverbs of Possibility (Modal Verbs)

Maths: Drawing Line Graphs

Reading: Reading Comprehension Holes

English: Commas to Clarify Meaning

Art: Connecting Generations Art Challenge


P.E: Let's get warmed up for the day with a quick 5 minute full speed exercise. Play the video below 6B and get those hearts racing!

Full Speed

Flashback 4: Let's take a look at the answers to yesterday's Flashback 4.

Most of you got questions 1 and 2 correct, so let's have a little look at 3 and 4.

Q3: The numerator is the number of apples that you have - 8, and the denominator would be the total number of pieces of fruit - 20. The answer therefore is 8/20, which can be simplified down to 2/5. (I think the error some people made here was trying to calculate it as a ratio e.g. 8:12.)

Q4) Using BODMAS, we always do multiplication before addition. 5 x 6 = 30 then add the 4 = 34.

Now for today's questions:

Don't get caught out today by Q3, this time it asks for a ratio. 

Q4: Remember the middle line means divide or you could think percentages are out of 100, so what could you multiply 13/20 by to get it to be ?/100. It is easy to convert a fraction that is over 100 into a percentage. e.g. 45/100 = 45%  36/100 = 36% 

Spelling Shed: Log on to Spelling Shed and complete this weeks spelling list on modal verbs. Aim to reach Royal Bee status. Can we make it to the top of the league in these final couple of weeks?

Maths: Today's activity involves drawing line graphs. The video below will explain how to plot your points but the first thing you will need to work out is what your scales need to go up in along both axis. You must make sure that the scale you choose can fit all of your data in, so check where your numbers need to start and finish.




Remember you can use a little squiggle at the start of your Y-axis if you want to start your scale at a higher number than 0.




Check out the video below and then download today's activity sheet.

Line Graphs

Reading: We are continuing to blast our way through Holes this week. Please find attached the next three chapters of the text 25,26 & 27. When you have finished reading these chapters, have a go at answering today's comprehension questions, which you can also find attached below.

English: Yesterday, we looked at the use of commas to separate fronted adverbials. Today, we are going to be looking at how commas can be used additionally to clarify meaning - this includes the use of commas around extra information. For example: Despite feeling exhausted, Stanley, who also hadn't eaten very much, continued to dig. 


Here we can see that one comma has been used to demarcate the fronted adverbial and a second pair of commas have been used to punctuate the extra information. Watch out for this when completing today's task.


Log on to SATs Companion to complete today's task 'Use Commas to Clarify Meaning'.

Art: This weeks art challenge is called 'Connecting Across Generations'. Today, I would like you to quickly map out your family tree as shown in the diagram below. Obviously, you will include your family members names rather than mum, dad, brother etc. When you have gone back as far as you can go, ask your parents if they can help you go back a bit further e.g. telling you your great grandparents names. When your parents have gone as far as they can go, contact your grandparents and see if they can help you even further. See if you can print off photos of everyone that you manage to identify within your family tree.


When you have a rough idea of your family tree going back at least 4 generations if possible. I would like you to turn it into a piece of art. Here are some ways you could present it...










You can choose any media to create your family tree and you don't have to include photos if you don't want to. Try to have it finished by Sunday and remember to get the whole family involved smiley.