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Good Morning!


Please use the link to continue with our story and for the English activities. I have also added a reading comprehension for today. Parents please encourage your child to read it as independently as possible and talk through the questions with them. They do not need to record their answers, lots of discussion together is beneficial.

  Beegu story -



Use the link to revisit 1/4 of a number as we were finding this tricky last week.

We are are trying out a new website called Busy Things, which has lots of activities that are curriculum linked. I would like you to access the activities I have set using the login details below and email your feedback about the site. 

I have set a Maths, Geography and Science activity for this week. When you login you need to click the age band 6-7 for the Maths activity and 5-6 for the other activities then do the activities that are assigned by me. Please note the Maths activities in the 5-6 age band are for Reception children but it is a while since you covered  3D shape so if you would like to revisit 3D shape you can complete those activities too but your maths activities will be in the 6-7 age band.  I will be able to login to see your scores. Any problems with this please email.

Username Scotby2020

Password Shine

Reading comprehension

Beegu letter



Look at the diagram of a tree. How does it compare to a plant? Use technology to find out what the function is for each part of a tree. Can you write an information leaflet about the different parts?


Use the leaf ID sheet attached to find and identify trees while out on a walk. Can you use technology to take a picture of the tree? Tick off the ones you find

Tree parts