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This week we are going to be sharing my favourite book. I am disappointed we are not in school to see the little reactions on your face as we read this book together as it really is a lovely story. I'm sure you'll still enjoy it though. 
We usually build up to the end of the book when we are in school so I will be reading only a little bit of the story each day and Literacy tasks will be set daily from what we have read. 
 Use the link below for Literacy and Geography tasks. 



Last work we used groups to make repeated addition calculations. This week we are looking at arrays. It is really important that your child understands that  arrays are columns and rows. The columns are vertical and the rows are horizontal. Use the attached sheet to have a go at talking through arrays then make some yourself with real objects, remember the objects must be the same. 



As more Garden Centres start to open it would be nice if an adult could buy some seeds for you to grow a plant. You can choose which sort of plant you would like to grow. Talk about what the seed needs to grow, what do you need to put it in and how will you look after it? I've attached a sequencing activity so you can talk to an adult about what you need to do. You could make a little diary of how your seed grows and take some photographs.