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Thursday 30th April

Good Morning 6B!


I hope you all enjoyed a good dance yesterday. If you haven't had chance yet, check out our school Twitter page. Here you will see fun activities posted by teachers across school and maybe even some teachers dancing.

You can find us on Twitter @schoolscotby


Suggested timetable for today:

Joe Wicks - 09:00 - 09:30

Fluent in 5 - Arithmetic (5 mins)

Reading - Mathos Chapter 1 (45 minutes)

SPAG - Identifying complex sentences (40 mins)

Maths - Identify common factors, multiples and prime numbers (30 Mins)

DT - Create a Spartan shield or helment (no time limit)



Joe Wicks: Complete the Joe Wicks workout. You can catch it live everyday from 09:00 - 09:30 on YouTube by following the link here.


Fluent in 5:

Please complete the questions above, aim to complete them within five minutes and then use the inverse operation to check your answers.


Reading: Log in to Purple Mash and read the first chapter of the myth 'Mathos', which has been set as a to do task. When you have finished complete the activity 'My Storm Poem'.

Use the side tabs to help you think about the features of a poem. You could take vocabulary from the text you have read, you could magpie some ideas from the descriptosaurus below or come up with some of your own.





















SPAG: Over the past couple of days, we have looked at simple and compound sentences. Today, we are going to look at complex sentences but don't worry they're not as 'complex' as they sound. 


Let's recap on what we have already learnt:


Simple sentences = independent clause (makes sense on its own and must have a subject and a verb


Compound Sentences = Two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS)


Now let's take a look at complex sentences. A complex sentence must contain the following things: a simple sentence and a dependent clause (in simpler terms, some extra information which has been added using either a subordinating conjunction (I SAW A WABUB) or a relative clause).


Check out the presentation below, complete the sentence tasks in your green books and then have a go at the activity on SATs Companion.



Maths: Today we are going to be looking at multiples, factors and prime numbers.



Log on to SATs Companion and complete the activity 'Identifying Common Factors, Multiples and Prime Numbers'. 

The word common means that it appears in both numbers.


For example, if I wanted the common factors of 28 and 16.

The answer would be 1,2,4 and 8 as all of these numbers go into both 28 and 16.


Support videos are available on SATs Companion so please watch them if you need refreshing.


Design and Technology: Design and make a Spartan shield or helmet.


The Spartans used the lambda symbol on their shield ^ as a form of identification. If you choose to make a shield, you can design your own symbol and explain what it is to represent.

I have attached a video below on how to make a cardboard Spartan helmet, however, you do not have to use this if you already have your own ideas.


When you have made your item, feel free to send me a picture of you wearing or using it.