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Year 1: Miss Harries

W e l c o m e     t o    Y e a   1!


Working alongside Miss Harries, our Teaching Assistants helping us in our class are Miss McKnight, Mrs Dalgleish (who works in our class in the mornings) and Miss Mills (who works in our class in the afternoons). 


Reading Books

Our reading book changing day is a Monday and a Friday. Please try to read as often as you can at home. Your child will be heard reading by and adult throughout the week during Word Time Phonics sessions, individual reading and Guided Reading sessions. As reading records are currently not being used due to minimising transfer between home and school and Year 1 do not use Tapestry, we ask that any reading concerns or achievements which you would usually communicate in the records are emailed to Miss Harries using the address below. 


Story Sharing Books

We will also have the opportunity each week to select a story to share at home. These books are above the children's current reading level and are intended to be read aloud by a parent or family member to your child to widen their experience of different texts and stories. 



Our PE day is Tuesday. Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their PE clothes (jogging bottoms, trainers and normal Scotby top/polo top and jumper/cardigan). 


Getting in touch

Tapestry is no longer used in Year 1, but please don't hesitate to get in touch with Miss Harries by email with any queries, questions or concerns.


Remote Learning

Should your child have to self-isolate, please follow the remote learning planning in the tabs below and email any work to Miss Harries. 


 S P R I N G    T E R M    L E A R N I N G

 A u t u m n    T e r m     L e a r n i n g