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Good morning boys and girls!

I hope you had fun with Sports week last week. Thank you to all that sent pictures for the website. To see the pictures there is a tab under class pages named National Sports Week, so please do have a look.


We are continuing with our Space theme this week. I would like you to look at the power point about Neil Armstrong and the events in his life. Then make a timeline, you can make your own timeline with your own dates or you can use the attached sheet for help.


Today  I would like you to find out about the planets. How many are there? Do you know the names of all the planets? I'd like you to create some art work with the planets and the order they appear from the sun. I have included a little video to help you remember the order. 


The planets look very different for our RE session I would like you to look at the video on the link  How the Earth was created, discuss it with your family. This clip is useful to demonstrate the idea of God as the creator of everything. Think about which of these things made you feel happy, amazed, sad or worried. Why? Discuss the relevance of the natural world with your family. Do the images from the clip show aspects people care about today/ take for granted/ ignore/ do not care at all? Finally, if you had the power to create something, what would that be? Why?

Draw a picture of which creation made you happy and write a couple of sentences about why you chose this creation and why it makes you happy. 





Today I would like you to use the interactive 100 square( the link below) like we do in our carpet sessions. Splat a number on the board then try and find the number that is 10 more than the number you splatted. If you are unsure of where the number that is 10 more is count on 10  from your first number then you will find it. Once you have done this a few times you will realise you don't have to count on, there is a much quicker way of finding 10 more than. 

We like the sound up for this activity in the classroom!smiley