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Monday 18th May 2020

Good Morning 6B


I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend.


You may not realise but this is actually the last week of the first half of Summer Term (I can hardly believe it either) and it is also Mental Health Awareness week and the theme this year is Kindness. In recognition of this, each day I will set an activity linked to well-being and I will also be reading the story 'Wonder' by R J Palacio. Some of you may have read this independently before or you may have started it in our guided reading sessions. 

One of the books main themes is kindness so it links well with Mental Health Awareness week. It has also been made into a film so perhaps, after we have finished reading it, you could enjoy watching the movie with your family. 


Suggested Timetable for Today

Morning Activities:

09:00 - P.E: Joe Wicks/Go Noodle

09:30 - Maths: Arithmetic 

10:15 - SPAG: Adverbials

11:00 - Reading/English: Mathos Chapter 4 & Follow Up


Afternoon activities:

R.E - 5 Pillars of Islam

Well-being - Kindness Calendar

Class Read - 'Wonder' (5 mins)


P.E: Get yourselves warmed up for the day by completing Joe Wicks 30 minute morning workout by clicking here.


Not in the mood for Joe Wicks? You could always create your own indoor/outdoor circuit training or have a go at some of the GoNoodle dance routines by clicking here.


Maths: As it is the last week of this half-term, I would like you to complete the arithmetic test on SATs Companion. Please complete it independently as I would like to use the results to inform my planning for maths next half-term.

If you have forgotten how to do something, do not worry! Jot it down on a piece of paper and after you have finished just send me a quick message with the areas you found a challenge or which you would like to revisit.


I have started to produce some short arithmetic explanation videos so I will email these out to those who ask for extra guidance in specific areas in the new half term.

Just do your best yeslaugh!


SPAG: Today we are going to look at 'Identifying Adverbials'. To be successful in today's task, the first thing we need to understand is what an adverbial is.

Remember 6B an adverbial phrase forms part of a sentence, they do not make sense on their own and they tell us how, when, where or why something happens.


We know these in class as:

Time - when, how often, how long

(as the sun rose,)

Manner - how (with a look of disgust, feeling miserable etc.)

Place - where 

(in the depths of the under stairs cupboard)


If they come at the start of a sentence, they are known as a 'fronted adverbial phrase'.


Download the 'Practising Adverbials Quiz' and then complete the activity on SATs Companion 'Identifying adverbials'


Remember to ask yourself, which bit tells me how, when, where or why?


View the PowerPoint as a slideshow for it to work effectively.

Reading/English: Log on to Purple Mash and read chapter 4 of the Mathos Myth. 

When you have finished reading, complete the follow up task 'The Story Continues'. Your job is to write the next part of the story.


Questions to ask yourself before you start writing:

Do you think that their plan will work? What problems might they encounter? Will the kraken will make another appearance? 


As an extra challenge, see if you can use a range of adverbials in your writing to create cohesion. (Think: time, manner and place.)


Before handing in, please proof read your work. 

Does it make sense? Check your punctuation: full stops, capitals, inverted commas for speech. Have you demarcated fronted adverbials with a comma?

R.E: Please complete your detailed information leaflet on the '5 Pillars of Islam'. This task was set last Monday and was expected to be completed over 2 sessions.

If you require the PowerPoint information again, please access it by going to the class page and selecting Monday 11th May. 


Well-being: Can you make yourself a calendar of kindness for this week? Using the computer or a piece of paper, jot down 5 acts of kindness (1 per day) that you will complete this week. It could be: making a call to a grandparent; doing a household chore to help your parents; writing a letter to say thank you to somebody or something else entirely. 

Each day I would like you to complete one act of kindness and to write down one act of kindness that has happened to you that day.

Your calendar could be something as simple as the one below or you could get creative with it.


Wonder: Feel free to listen to the first 2 chapters of Wonder whilst you are completing any of the afternoons activities. Today's reading is only 5 minutes long but I plan to increase the length throughout the week. 

Wonder Chapters 1 & 2.mp4

Still image for this video