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Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning 6B and Happy Friday laugh


Congratulations you made it to the end of SATs week! I know that for many of you missing out on completing these tests will come as a relief, but I am sure for some of you there will be disappointment given how hard you have all worked this year.


I just want you to know, that test or no test, you are all amazing and results on a piece of paper are not required in proving this. I am incredibly proud of all that you have achieved and I feel very lucky to have taught (and still be teaching) such a wonderful class! 


As a treat, take the afternoon to do an activity of your choice: football, gymnastics, dancing, painting or anything else that takes your fancy.

Keep smiling 6B!


Miss Bradley



It's not too late!

A quick reminder, that if you want to enter the Art Competition, please make sure your entries are with me by 3pm today. Make sure your initials, age and school can be seen.


Suggested timetable for today:

Joe Wicks - 09:00 - 09:30

My Mini Maths - Arithmetic (5-10 mins)

Reading Skills- Making Inferences (20 minutes)

Maths -  Draw, Translate and Reflect (30 mins)

English - Creative Writing (40 mins)

Brain Teaser - Tea Cup Challenge (No recommended time limit)

Golden Time! 


Joe Wicks: Complete the Joe Wicks workout. You can catch it live everyday from 09:00 - 09:30 on YouTube by following the link here.


My Mini Maths:

You know the drill - complete the 8 questions set out across the two images.


















If you find any of the questions a little bit of a challenge or you can't remember the method required, please feel free to drop me a message either via SATs Companion or email and I will do my best to support you.


Reading: Yesterday, we completed a reading comprehension with the focus on inference skills. Today I would like you to log on to SATs Companion and complete the short skills exercise on making inferences.


Maths: I would like you to have a go at drawing translations, reflections and rotations and identifying coordinates. Log on to SATs Companion to complete the activity. 

Some questions will ask you to identify the new coordinates after a translation, reflection or rotation. Make sure that you use the coordinate information you have been given on the original shape to work out the size of the new shape - this will help you when it comes to working out the new coordinates.

Remember the first coordinate tells you how far something has moved across and the second tell you how high/low. E.g. (6,-4) this coordinate tells us that it has move 6 Right and 4 Down.

 If you need any help, please just ask. laugh


English: Today's creative write is going to revolve around the following picture. I know that some of you have struggled to generate a story from just a sentence opener so today I am going to give you a story opener and some questions to consider.


Story Starter:

Amelie stared out in disbelief. Despite the incessant drip, drip, drip of the rain as it continued to attack her bedroom window, she couldn't tear her eyes from the bizarre events unfolding outside.

Just a minute or so earlier, Amelie had been staring out into the street enjoying the peaceful and familiar sight of ordinary life as it passed her by. Now, however, she simply couldn't believe what was happening; the house belonging to a very pleasant family across the road had suddenly been thrust up into the air! It was now swaying in mid air!

Much to Amelie's horror, the curtains were then thrown wide open...

Before you start writing the

next part of the story, ask yourself the questions to the right and answer them either in your head or jot your responses down.


When you are ready continue the story.




Things to think about:

- Writer's voice

- descriptive vocabulary

- emotions (show not tell)


and as always 6B before you send it to me, proofread it and edit it if need be.


Does it make sense?

Have you checked your punctuation?

Have you used standard English? e.g. I saw... not I seen...




Brain Teaser: I have tried to use PowerPoint to make this problem interactive for you and I am hoping that it will work. However, Let me know if you experience any problems and good luck! 

(This one even took Miss Bradley a little while wink)