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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Good Morning 6B


Hello and welcome to another day of home learning. I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed yesterday's activities.

In addition to today's learning, I thought I would set you a fun task. I would like you to email or message me your favourite joke or riddle. I will then share one each day (depending on how many I receive) leading up to the end of term. 


Suggested Timetable for Today

Morning Activities:

P.E: Meditation

Mini Maths: Simplifying Expressions

Spelling Shed: Challenge List 30

Maths: Converting Between Imperial & Metric 

Reading: Free Read & Newsletter 

English: Sub-headings & 1 Paragraph

Topic: The House of Wisdom


P.E: Let's get nice and relaxed for the day that lies ahead with some meditation. Meditation is great for developing a healthy mind.

Classroom Meditation - For All Ages! | Yoga With Adriene

Mini Maths: Check out the answers to yesterday's Mini Maths and notice how the simplifying expression question is still written as a sum not an answer.

UPDATE Q2 BACK TO BASICS = 75.19 (to 2 decimal places)

Let's have a look at today's questions. The simplifying expressions question today is very similar to yesterday's. The only difference is that each animal has been replaced with a letter. E.g. 11 eagles = 11e

Use this information to help you to group together the letters below. 

Spelling Shed:  Following yesterday's introduction to this week's word list, log on to Spelling Shed and practise 'Challenge List 30'. As a minimum, it asks you to complete 5 practises. However, I would always encourage you to aim for Royal Bee Status - this means that you are not only accurate but quick too. 


Maths: Yesterday, we looked at imperial units of measure e.g. feet, inches, pounds, ounces etc.


Today, I would like you to log on to SATs Companion and complete the set task 'Convert Between Metric and Imperial'.


You may wish to have your answers from yesterday's learning to hand to remind you of the conversion amounts.


If you do need any help, you can always send me a message via SATs Companion or email and I will do my best to support you.






Reading: Please take some time to enjoy a book of your choice.  You can also use this time to complete any quizzes.


Not sure what to read at the moment? Why not get in touch and ask for some recommendations?


I have also attached below the school's reading newsletter for you to have a look over.

English: Today we are going to look at creating sub-headings for our non-chronological reports and then writing a paragraph of your choice.

Download the PowerPoint below to find out a bit more about today's tasks.

Topic: In our last few topic sessions, we have looked at the location of Baghdad and the importance of the city. Today, we are going to be looking at 'The House of Wisdom'.

Download the PowerPoint attached below to find out all about it and what today's tasks are.