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If you have read lots of books on Oxford Owl here is a new website to try. The text is spoken so can be listened to, like an audio book or it can be muted for your child to read. The link is  Follow the link and then click on the teacher portal tab. The details are: Username: Password: Parents20!


Please try and read every day. 




Please look at the pictures below. these might be characters like the alien on the front cover. I would like you to describe a part of one of the aliens.  For example 'one bulging eye,'  a large grey head' write down your descriptions on separate pieces of paper. You need to write at least 10 descriptions so you have 2 groups of 5 descriptions then try to match them up using the  connectives (and) and (but). 



One blue  eye    but     6 pink fingers. 


One bulging eye    and        a large grey head. 


For the rest of the week we are going to revisit numbers to 100 and partitioning numbers. Please complete the activities attache. Please don't worry if you don't have a printer, these are just a guide and the activities can be a easily done by drawing out the pictures. 

This game supports partitioning and the children love to play it in school.