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Year 5: Mrs Mumberson

Welcome to Year 5 smiley


Welcome back to school!

I hope you have all enjoyed a happy holiday and feel rested, refreshed and ready to take your first learning steps as an Upper Junior.yes

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all and working together in our new Year 5 team!


If you are isolating, just like when we were in Lockdown, you need to click on the Week Commencing Star below.

Here you will find the weekly timetable with links and activities. You will also find resources for the week.




During the school day I am available for phone calls if I am not teaching, these can be arranged through the School Office or, you could request a phone call, or make any other enquiry, via email using






Home Learning

*See the Helpful Website Links section below

  • MyMaths: Please complete any outstanding tasks. New tasks are set each week and where possible will consolidate the learning focus for maths that week. There are also optional games you can play.
  • TTRockstars: Please spend at least 30 minutes on here per week.
  • SpellingShed: Please spend at least 30 minutes on here per week-  complete the weekly assignments which follow our spelling sessions in school and play games.
  • Our spelling sessions in school follow the Year 5 Spelling Programme for Autumn 2021 which can be found in the Autumn Term 2021 Overviews.
  • Reading: Please ensure you read at least three times a week. Try to get finished for our Monday changeover day. If you are reading a longer book, aim to complete it in two weeks. If you have finished your book and need to take a quiz or you'd like to read an article and then take a quiz, please use * the Helpful Website Links below to find the ZPD Quizzes link.




DfE COVID-19 Providing remote education January 2021 - Parents - Please read!

Mr Buis' Lockdown Life Poem

Task for the week beginning: Monday 13th July smiley

Lockdown Project


This week as a whole school, we have decided that rather than continue with daily lessons for Home Learning, that we would like you to spend time creating a project which reflects your experience of Lockdown.

Some of you have kindly shared with me some of your experiences such as: bike rides with friends and family; water fights in the back garden; seeing Grandparents in their garden; missing friends and the fun activities that you enjoy;  gaining new pets; celebrating VE day; having holidays cancelled; lots of baking; and spending time with your family etc.

There are many different ways your can record your Lockdown Project. You could create a Photostory with pictures of the different things that you have experienced. It might be that you read your Lockdown Poem (from one of the first weeks of Home Learning- When this is over, I will….) over the photos.

Some of you may have kept a diary which you might choose to word process sections and add pictures.

Below are a few ideas:

-video of you talking about your experience

-poetry and writing

-through art work (you could create a collage of before and after) or dance/drama (Can you create a routine that expresses the different emotions you have experienced? You could use the -You’ll never walk alone song to perform to, from the Reading Comprehension Karaoke work that you did.)

-create a song (there are some lovely singing voices in Y5)

-you might interview members of your family about their experiences

-create a lockdown scrap book/memory book

-look back at all of the work that you have completed during lockdown, and use ideas from this rather than starting from scratch


The idea is that you are able to share this work in September when you return to school.


I know from my own family experience that there have been really special moments, and other moments of sadness as we miss what our life was like beforehand.  I have really missed teaching my lovely Y5 class; and am very sad that I did not get to teach you all year. I have however, enjoyed receiving emails with pictures and videos of your lovely faces, and that really makes me smile.





I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you. Thank you to my lovely Year 5 children, who I had the pleasure of teaching for nearly 2 terms. You are all very special to me; I really enjoyed getting to know your fantastic personalities, as well as having the opportunity to teach you. I think it was pretty obvious that my favourite lessons to teach you were English and Art. Opening up our new class text and meeting new characters with you all was super, and if any of you chance next year, try to finish Trash- it was such an exciting text. You were all amazing as little detectives as we tried to jigsaw piece together what was going to happen to the 3 boys in the book.


Returning to school, you may have a mix of emotions, and that is totally understandable. School may look a little different, and routines may be a little different; however, I want you to know that you are all amazing and, with a positive mind-set you can achieve whatever you want. You just need to believe in yourself, and of course be willing to put in lots of hard work.


When the baby is born, I will email across pictures of the baby to your new class teacher. And when it is allowed, I shall return to school, armed with bags full of chocolate and ice-cream to celebrate our time together.


I look forward to chatting to you all over the phone this week.


Take care,

Mrs N


Year 5's New Pets

Please email across a picture of your new pets for all of your friends to see.

Millie's guinea pigs

Above is one of Fiona's adorable pups.

Monday 6th July smiley

Thank you to everyone who kindly sent their brilliant work across last week. Please scroll down to watch it!

Tuesday 7th July smiley

Wednesday 8th July smiley

Below is the link for the Arts Work referred to in the timetable.

Thursday 9th July smiley

Arts Link as referred to on the timetable

How and Why Singing Makes us Feel Good


Friday 10th July smiley


As always refer to the timetable for suggested activities. 

Today for Maths please go to the left hand-side of this page and click on, Home Learning Maths Challenge. For English please click on Home Learning English Challenge.


Thank you.

Below is the link for the Arts Focus work referred to in the timetable.

Lexia Super Stars!

Wow Blanka...... 157 minutes.... amazing! Daisy also completed a fabulous 105 minutes.

A huge well done to: Millie, Sophie, Evie, Sam and Oliver who achieved their usage this week. Brilliant!


Summer Reading Challenge

Please open up the word document below for more details.  Within the document it will show you how to access library books and provide fun reading activities. 

Let me know when you have signed up!

Nessy Super Stars!

A huge congratulations to Kieran this week- 92 minutes!

Most words learned reading- Lucas

Most words learned spelling-Kieran

Well done to: Nathan, Lucas, Violet and Kieran for the impressive amount of time spent on Nessy this week!

Lexia Super Stars smiley

Congratulations to: Isla, Estella, Daisy, Blanka, Evie and Sophie for meeting their Lexia usage.

Art Work-Thank you: Adrianna, Rory, Millie and Fiona

Evie's Fantastic Gymnastics Commentary


Still image for this video

Watch Leo's gripping commentary- click on the link below

Charley's Brilliant Commentary

Still image for this video

The Commentator Poem adapted to ......Breakfast Disaster!

IMG_0929 (2).MOV

Still image for this video

Bringing the poem- The Commentator- to life!

Video (9).mov

Still image for this video

Adrianna's work- Eating our Dinner 

Great Science Investigating

Monday 29th June smiley

Tuesday 30th June smiley

Wednesday 1st July smiley

Thursday 2nd July smiley

Friday 3rd July smiley


As always refer to the timetable for suggested activities. 

Today for Maths please go to the left hand-side of this page and click on, Home Learning Maths Challenge. For English please click on Home Learning English Challenge.


Thank you.

Nessy Super Stars!

A huge congratulations to Rory for most time learning this week- 124 minutes... wow!

Most words learned reading- Kieran Thompson

Most words learned spelling-Violet Dixon

Well done to: Nathan, Lucas, Sam and Kieran for the impressive amount of time spent on Nessy this week!

National Sports Week

Week beginning, Monday 22nd June is National Sports week.

I have added a powerpoint below for you to use as a way of celebrating the week. There are some really fun activities so please read through it carefully and select as many as you would like. 

Thank you,

Mrs N


Monday 22nd June smiley

Tuesday 23rd June smiley

Wednesday 24th June smiley

Thursday 24th June smiley

Friday 26th June smiley

As always refer to the timetable for suggested activities. 

Today for Maths please go to the left hand-side of this page and click on, Home Learning Maths Challenge. For English please click on Home Learning English Challenge.


Thank you.

Nessy Super Stars!

A huge congratulations to:Nathan, Rory, Violet,Lucas, Sam and Kieran- everyone completed over 60 minutes on Nessy. Well Done!


Lucas spent an incredible 177 minutes, and as such achieved the most words learned for reading- wonderful! Violet also did a great job, and she achieved the most words learned for spelling.


Absolutely fantastic!

Lexia Super Stars

A huge congratulations to Blanka who completed a terrific- 157 minutes in her first week. Brilliant!


Congratulations also to:Daisy, Millie, Estella, Sophie, Evie and Isla who achieved their usage. Well done!

The sunshine has returned! Year 5, I hope that you had a lovely time playing outside in the sunshine on Sunday! Today (Monday 15th) I have an appointment, and Mr Buis is working in school so it is unlikely that we will have chance to respond to your emails before the evening so please be patient with us. Thank you.


Monday 15th June smiley

Please follow the timetable for the day.


Tuesday 16th June smiley

Wednesday 17th June smiley

Year 5 I have another appointment this morning, and Friday lunchtime so I will try to respond as quickly as I can but it might take a while.

Mrs Peck always described Wednesday as ,"The hump of the week," a phrase which I love. You're on the downward part of the hump from today!


Thursday 18th June smiley

Friday 19th June smiley

As always refer to the timetable for suggested activities. 

Today for Maths please go to the left hand-side of this page and click on, Home Learning Maths Challenge. For English please click on Home Learning English Challenge.


Thank you.

Super Star Readers- Lexia!

A big well done to Daisy for completing her Lexia minutes.

Estella completed an incredible 212 minutes with Isla completing 166 minutes- wow girls!

Nessy Super Stars!

Well done to Kieran for the most words learned reading and to Sam for the most words learned spelling- great work boys!

Have you looked in the Art Competition 2020 section on the website?

In the 9-11 category the winners were: Fiona, Estella and Adrianna. This is fantastic girls as I know that there were lots of wonderful entries from lots of children in our class, 6B and 6K.

Miss you all! Thank you for the pictures. Please email across a photo if you haven't already.

Monday 8th June smiley

This week all of our English work is on Purple Mash and therefore for guidance linked to English please refer to the timetable overview. The text that you will read is based on friendship which links to our work from last week's work. As part of today's learning, I would like you to recap on the work from last week on modal verbs by clicking then complete the Purple Mash task.

There will be a daily reading focus and quiz, as well as a written task. Next week we will return to our Karaoke Reading Comprehension work focus.


Year 5, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your Friendship Work on Purple Mash. You have written such lovely things about your friends, and it has been great to read about the different memories that you have shared together. I have everything crossed that you will have lots of sleepovers, camping trips and bike rides together very soon.


Friday 12th June smiley

Thursday 11th June smiley

Wednesday 10th June smiley

Tuesday 9th June smiley

Monday 8th June smiley

Welcome to the 2nd half of the Summer Term!

Year 5 I hope that you had a lovely half-term holiday. The weather has just been glorious so I am sure you have had lots of outdoor fun. I have been to the beach with Joshua, and he buried my feet and splashed me a lot, and another day I was absolutely soaked when he decided to chase after me with the hose pipe but it was all such good fun! I would love to hear what you have been up to during the break; if you have time, please message me on Mirodo and tell me.


I was thrilled with the amount of work completed last half term- thank you!

Some days it might be easier for you to do more work than others so just do what you can, but do try to contact me once a week on Mirodo to say 'hi.'




Friday 5th June smiley


Please ask your parents if you can access the below assembly.

Please remember to send a picture of yourself with a message to your friends so that I can post it on our class page. (

Fantastic work! Please have a look, some of you are in pictures that your friends have sent in.

Thursday 4th June smiley

Wednesday 3rd June smiley

Tuesday 2nd June smiley


Week Beginning: Monday 1st June smiley

Support for Families

From 12th May, there will be a new email address to contact if you have any questions or worries about emotional well-being, special education needs or need advice or guidance for support for you and your family , please see below

Email address:


Please continue to contact Mr Buis and I through the class email address:

Wonderful Work- You must watch!

Still image for this video

Click on the link to watch your classmate transform into a circus acrobat!

Week Beginning: Monday 18th May

I just want to start the week by saying a big thank you to all of you that send in work and who keep us updated with how you are doing. Remember to try to send me at least one message a week on Mirodo. It doesn't have to link to school work- I just like to hear from you.


In school one of our core values is kindness, and this week in particular, I want you to try to be kind to yourself. Try to find some time to think positive thoughts about yourself, and celebrate the amazing person that you are.

I am really missing you all. You are all wonderful, and yet unique in your own way, and I want you to celebrate and be proud of who you are.



How much reading have you been doing? Are you struggling to find things to read? I messaged you all on Mirodo a while ago about logging onto Oxford Owl, but on our school website under the Children Section there are First Newspapers to read online which are full of interesting things to read.  Last week you were set a challenge linked to reading on Purple Mash and lots of you did a great job at reading and quizzing every day -brilliant!


This week for your reading tasks, I would like you to logon to Accelerated Reader and read the online articles which you can then complete a quiz. Details of how to do this are below:


Accelerated Reader Online Articles Information

READING STAR! (Friday 15th May)


A huge well done to Kieran who spent ......108 minutes on Nessy last week-what a star!

Remember to logon to Lexia or Nessy to meet your usage like you did at school!

Quiz Stars!

Big congratulations to: Estella, Daniel, Jamie and Sophie for completing quizzes this week.

Jamie read 54,299 words and Estella 54,924...WOW!!!!

Lexia Super Star!

Well done Lucas for moving up a level in Lexia- super star!

Reading Stars! (Friday 22nd May)

Wow- Nathan completed 150 minutes this week on Lexia!

A big well done to Lucas, Nathan and Daisy who have moved up levels this week. Also a big thank you to Millie, Nathan and Lucas who achieved their usage this week.

Thank you Millie for your lovely artwork!

Super work by Nathan, based on the message from Ed Sheeran's song, What Do I Know.

A beautiful poem by Sam.

A fabulous piece of work from Charley!

A superb song by Emmie (there is also a video of her performing her song)

A lovely acrostic poem by Finley

A wonderful poem by Olly

Daniel's super poem about spreading happiness

Evie's beautiful poem (video of her reading it also)

Friday 22nd May smiley

Have a lovely half term holiday Y5. Fingers crossed that the weather stays as sunny as it has been the last couple of days. 

Thank you for all of your messages and hard work this half term.

Take care,

Mrs N

Thursday 21st May smiley

Wednesday 20th May smiley

Tuesday 19th May smiley

Monday 18th May smiley

VE Day Celebrations

Last week's work- The Greatest Showman. Fantastic work Year 5!

Week Beginning: Monday 11th May smiley 

Hello Year 5, I hope that you all had a lovely, bank holiday weekend.

Did you do anything fun to celebrate VE day? Some of you have kindly emailed and shared how you celebrated the occasion. Below is a picture of my son and husband holding up a flag that was waved at Trafalgar Square during the VE day celebration, back in 1945! We had lots of fun celebrating with our neighbours.

As always, refer to the timetable for suggested ideas, and the powerpoints to support you with the work. This week for reading, I have set a daily read and daily quiz on Purple Mash for you to complete. There are other tasks linked to the reading but they are completely optional- please do not feel that you need to complete them. Last week we based our work around, The Greatest Showman, which is about a circus and it made me think about cruelty to animals, and therefore the reading on Purple Mash is based around a Tiger in a zoo which some people believe is a fantastic environment for animals; others, belief it to be a dreadful place for animals to live.


This week, in English, the focus of our work is around the song, You'll Never Walk Alone. I hope you enjoy it!

Super Star-Player of the Year! Well Done!

Great Captain Tom Work

Great work by Finley!
Super work by Olly with lovely links to the song, You'll Never Walk Alone.

Friday 15th Maysmiley


Last day for any art competition entries-thank you!

Thursday 14th May smiley

Wednesday 13th May smiley

Tuesday 12th May smiley

Please send all art competition entries with your name, age and school visible by Friday 15th May.

Monday 11th May

Week Beginning: Monday 4th May

This is just a short week with Friday being a bank holiday. It will be 75 years on Friday, since Victory in Europe (VE Day). 

I know it is a day of your choice but, please, if you can, try to watch Newsround as it will go into detail about VE day.

I am already aware, that some of you are planning picnics in your gardens and others are putting up bunting. Whatever you do please enjoy!


This week the English, Art, Music and PE work, all link to the song from, The Greatest Showman-This is me! I hope you have a fun week.

Thursday 7th May smiley

Wednesday 6th May smiley

A huge thank you for all of the fantastic art work pictures you have kindly sent- I have really enjoyed looking at your brilliant face painting, painting, drawings and collages.

Also a big thank you for the reading comprehension answers.

Tuesday 5th May smiley

Monday 4th May smiley

Hello Y5! Last week, I gave my mummy (your teacher) a little wave, and just wanted to say hello to you all.

Week Beginning: Monday 27th April


In the following weeks, for English, we will base our work around a song. The week will start with a Reading Comprehension Karaoke, and we will work on our SPAG and Writing objectives around it. This week, we will start with a song from, The Lion King- Hakuna Matata.

Hope you enjoy it!


Thank you,

Mrs N

                                     Friday 1st May smiley

Thursday 30th April smiley

Wednesday 29th April smiley


Tuesday 28th April smiley

Monday 27th April smiley

It's Friday! smiley

Hi Y5, hope that you are are all well. I'm missing you all lots! Although I am pretty sure that you guys won't be missing my nagging! wink

A big thank you to everyone has been messaging on Mirodo and emailing across work. I have been incredibly impressed by some of the arches you have made, and it's been lovely to see you in pictures that you have sent.

Below are the tasks for the day, but also remember TT-ROCKSTARS BATTLE AGAINST Y6! WE CAN DO IT!

TT-Rockstars Battle!

Yr6 Mr K has set up a battle against us that I wasn't aware of at the start of the week. Some of you have been little super stars, and have been gaining lots of points for us- thank you! It is a team effort so please everybody, any spare time Thursday or Friday please logon to TT. WE CAN DO IT!

Thursday 23rd April smiley

For Thursday please refer to the updated timetable below as well as the powerpoints and resources to guide you through your learning.

Wednesday 22nd April smiley

Below are the resources to support you on Wednesday.

Tuesday 21st April smiley

Please refer to:

-Mr Buis' Maths powerpoint

-English powerpoint (From Monday)

-Art powerpoint


Remember to message me with your positive thoughts.


Monday 20th April smiley

Monday 13th April Plans and Resources




Mr Buis' Youtube video


Monday's Learning from Mr Buis. Please open up the powerpoint to guide you through the day.

Wednesday am- Mr Buis

Open up the powerpoint to guide you through the morning


Please follow the attached powerpoint to help guide you through the tasks for this week. You will need to logon to Purple Mash for the newspaper template; however, all of the instructions on how to do this are within the powerpoint.

Thank you.

Alan Peat Sentence Types to use in your writing-they're great!


As you know Year 5, Mr Buis teaches three maths lessons a week, and I teach two. Mr Buis will continue with the work that he started with you by uploading tasks, and I will do the same.

For week beginning, Monday 23rd March, we will continue our work on converting fractions to decimals, and decimal problem solving.


Tuesday- Please logon to Mirodo and complete the times tables task. Then go onto MyMaths and complete the tasks set on 21st March.

Thursday- There are tasks on Purple Mash to complete and also on Mirodo. This work is a continuation of our work on decimals.

I look forward to seeing how you get on!

Friday 27th March- Home Learning


After the Easter Break, I will upload our new Spelling Overview. Until then please continue to practise regularly the spelling words set on Spelling Shed.  Below is a copy of the Y3/4 and Y5/6 word Statutory Word list to practise. Please remember all of the strategies we have used when trying to learn the very tricky words.

1-write it out and identify which is the tricky part

2-how can you remember the tricky part?

(secretary- the secretary was a secret Agent- remember the a was the tricky part)

3-write the tricky part as many times as you can in 30 seconds 

4- now word build around it   secret- A-ry

5-practise writing the word 10 times (check that you have spelt it correctly)

6-now practise writing it in a sentence (please don't forget all of your hard work that you have put into your handwriting)


We have looked at the work of Roy Lichenstein this half-term and you all did a great job at making your names into an explosion using ben day dots. Please use the images below and instead of writing the word POP, can you think of a word that would be really relevant now based on what is happening throughout the world. For e.g HOPE or KINDNESS- wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have an explosion of kindness.

I added the video below for you to do whenever you are feeling a bit tired and maybe a little fed up. I hope that it will get you moving and make you smile.

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

Keep Moving Year 5!
Get that sunshine in your pocket and that good soul in your feet as you dance, dance, dance along with the Trolls to this awesome JT song!

100 Books to Read


Ashley Booth, a fantastic teacher from Liverpool has put together a list of 100 books to read by the time you leave year 6. The list, which contains classics and modern texts, is filled with some fantastic reads and I will be encouraging the children to have a go at some of them.Many of the books are read in class including our current book, Goodnight Mister Tom. You can download the list below. If there is a little resistance to reading at home they are bound to find a book to love on the list.