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Good morning,




Here are some little aliens! They have got some ed words. I would like you to read the words then think of a sentence to write for each word. 


For example : The alien walked to his rocket. 

This is a simple sentence that includes a past tense word.


Can you add more detail to the sentence by adding adjectives.


Example: The little, green alien walked to his sparkly rocket. 







Here is a little challenge to get your Maths brain started.



It is really important that you are really secure with place value before moving to year 2. I have attached some activities to do, see how you get on independently. 

Explain your thinking to an adult.

Key board skills.


With the 2 m rule in school it can be quite a challenge when children need support with keyboard skills. Hopefully this will be reduced by September but it would be really helpful if you can access a  computer keyboard with minimum support. 

I have attached a link to a Keyboard dance mat which is such good fun and I often use it to improve my speed typing. I wonder how quickly you can type your name with the correct fingers?