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How do I listen to my child read?

How do I listen to my child read?


Your child has a Storybook matched to the sounds and words they know – a decodable book – so they should be able to read all the words.


Please avoid saying, “This book is too easy for you!” but instead say, “I love how well you can read this book!”


‘Special Friends’, ‘Fred Talk’, read the word


Remind your child to read words using ‘Special Friends, Fred Talk, read the word’ (see glossary).

For example ship’: spot the ‘sh’, then Fred Talk and blend to read the word e.g. sh, sh-i-p, ship.


Red Words


Red Words are also known as common exception or tricky words. They occur in stories regularly (e.g. said, what, where) but have unusual letter combinations (‘ai’ in the word ‘said’ makes the sound ‘e’).

Remind your child not to use Fred Talk to read Red Words but instead to ‘stop and think’.

Tell them the word if you need to.


Read the same book again and again


Children love reading the same book again and again. Their reading becomes speedier and they understand what they are reading.


  • Encourage your child to read words using ‘Fred in your head’ (see glossary).
  • Show your child how to read the story in a storyteller voice.
  • Share your enjoyment of the story when they read it again and again.