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Monday 6th July 2020

Good Morning 6B


I hope that you have all enjoyed your weekend, despite the weather continuing to be miserable. Did you get up to anything exciting? Feel free to get in touch and let me know about your weekend highlights smiley.


Suggested Timetable for Today

P.E: Joe Wicks

Flashback 4: Recap maths 

SPAG: Commas to Demarcate Fronted Adverbials

Reading: Holes - Chapters 22, 23 & 24

TT RockStars: 5 Studio Tasks

Maths: Reading & Interpreting Line Graphs

Spelling Shed: Adverbs of Possibility

D&T: Final Design & Development

PSHE: Starting Secondary School


P.E: Start your morning off with a good old P.E session courtesy of Joe Wicks. Healthy body = healthy mind. To access the live video click the link HERE. 


Flashback 4: Check out the answers to Friday's Flashback 4 in the image below:

Did you manage to get them all right? Well done if you did! The shape in the top right is a rectangle and you could have told me any of the following:

- 4 right-angles/4 pairs of perpendicular lines - All angles equal

- 2 sets of parallel lines  - Opposite sides are equal


Let's take a look at today's questions:

Remember to think BODMAS for question 4.

Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction


SPAG: Today, we are going to be looking at commas and how they can be used to punctuate fronted adverbials. We used to talk about this all the time in class, so you should be pretty good at it wink.

Why not refresh your memories before completing the task on SATs Companion. Go to the lessons section and watch the video 'Commas', which looks like the image on the right. 

If you jump to 5 minutes, you will be in exactly the right place for today's lesson. 

After watching the video, if you are still unsure, get in touch and I will do my best to explain it you.

Can you get 100% on today's task?


Reading: Find yourself somewhere cosy and read the next three chapters of Holes, which you can find attached below. No comprehension questions today, but there will be on tomorrow's.

TT Rock Stars: Get logged on to TT Rock Stars and complete 5 studio tasks. This week, see if you can get your highest score ever in your history of being at Scotby School. Send me a message to let me know if you get a new PB (personal best).


Maths: Today, we are going to be continuing our work from Friday by exploring line graphs.

As mentioned on Friday, the first things you need to do when interpreting a line graph is read the title and check what the axis are telling you. Remember the X-axis generally shows time periods and the Y-axis tells us the data that we are tracking. Once you understand what the graph is showing you, you are ready to read the questions. Take your time and when you come up with an answer,  ask yourself, "Does that make sense?"

You can find today's activity sheet attached below. If you are unsure of anything, please drop me a message on SATs Companion and I will do my best to help :).

Spelling Shed: This week's spellings focus is on adverbs of possibility. An adverb is a word used to describe a verb (action) and an adverb of possibility describes the chance of that action happening.


For example: I will go swimming. 'Will' is the adverb of possibility and it shows us that the action (swimming) will certainly happen. 

Adverbs of possibility can be placed on a scale to show the likelihood of something happening, which you will see in today's spelling task.

Download the sheets below to get started.

DT: Today is your final opportunity to tweak your design for your digging machine and to test out the materials you plan on using. Download the PowerPoint attached below to find out a little more.


You do not need to have your prototype built by the end of today. Take some time through the week to get it completed. 

PSHE: I know that many of you have started thinking about your move to secondary school and I know that many of you have lots of questions. I would like you to watch the video 'A Day In The Life', which you can find by clicking HERE.

When you have finished watching it, jot down any questions you may have. Some of you have virtual transitions coming up this week so it is good idea to have some pre-prepared questions to have with you.