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Year 3: Mrs White


                                               Happy New Year! 

It has been lovely chatting to the children about their Christmas holidays this week. They have quickly settled back into school routines and are eager to start our new topic. 

I have attached the new curriculum topic overview , the spelling overview and the maths overview below. 

I have set  'My Maths' activities but all homework activities will start next week . Your child should have come home with new reading books so please spend time on reading activities. 

PE sessions are now back to Mondays. 

If your child is not on the snack list please provide them with a healthy snack from home. Free fruit is not available for year 3 children. 

Homework Friday 9th February

  • Reading: Please encourage your child to read as often as they can, but at least four times per week. They should be keeping track of what they have read and their quiz scores, in their Reading Log.
  • CLIC/SAFE: Please look at the tests the children bring home every Friday and go over any errors. Please get in touch if you need any guidance. We are now accessing the Learn It's online so your child will come home with practise calculations. 
  • My Maths: There are two or three activities to complete on My Maths linked to perimeter. 
  • This week I have sent home a hieroglyphs activity following on from our work in school. Use the uploaded activity below to crack the code and tell the joke to a family member. 

Hieroglyphs Homework

New Vocabulary 

As a school we are having a focus on vocabulary. Each month we will look at ten words and discuss their meaning. Children will be rewarded for using these words in discussions or writing activities. You can support  this by using these words at home. 

January  words:

advice, chill, nation, ancient, abandon, passage, nursery, plunge, schedule and  swift.

Autumn Term Overview