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Special Education Needs and Disabilities is a term used to describe a range of learning needs whether they be communication and interaction, cognitive or learning, social, emotional and mental health or sensory and/or physical. At Scotby School, we focus on the individual needs of the child and promote inclusion in all aspects of the school and wider community. We provide a child-centred process that engages pupil, family, school and other professionals in planning and implementing high quality, needs led provision that is consistently applied throughout the school. We aim to ensure that all our pupils access the same opportunities for learning and social development to achieve maximum progress, fulfil their potential and promote wellbeing. 


Children with a Special Educational Need are defined as

  • having a learning difficulty or disability which makes it much harder for them to learn than other pupils of the same age
  • they require special educational provision to be made for them


We are proud to be an inclusive school where we are able to meet the needs of children through Quality First Teaching, differentiation, reasonable adjustment of our systems and equipment and quality interventions provided by experienced staff. 


If you have any questions or queries regarding your child or would like to share any concerns, please get in touch via our mailbox

or call us and ask to speak to Mr Marchant who is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.


Mr Marchant