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Today I would like you to use your descriptive sentences that you wrote yesterday to visualise and draw/paint what your own alien might look like. For example if you wrote,  One bulging eye and six slimy pink fingers then you will need to draw this on your alien. You need to ensure you have descriptive sentences for all body parts then draw your picture using the information from your descriptions. 

Tomorrow we will read the story. 






For the maths activity today you will need to use the greater than and less than signs. Remember we have looked at these in school when we used the crunching crocodile but here is a little video to remind you.


Some extra practise if you would like it.


Last week we looked at a picture of a significant person. Did you guess it was Neil Armstrong. This week I would like you to make a little fact file about Neil Armstrong. Can you use technology to find out about his life and why he is so important. You can present your work using a mix of pictures and writing. Can you use sub headings and fun facts in your information? 

Don't forget it's Woody Wednesday so try and get out for a little adventure. I'd love to see if you have visited any woods on your walks, I miss Woody Wednesdays a lot!