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Friday 15th

Looking after nature. We know it's important to be our best by eating healthy snacks and i loved looking at your healthy snack pictures. Our wildlife can struggle to get what they need at this time of year. Could you make a bird feeder like the one in the link to ensure the birds in your garden don't go hungry.

Today is Big Maths day. I am currently setting up logins so the children can complete their CLIC, SAFE(Year 2)  and Learn ITS online. They will be with you by next weeks session. 

Please practise Big Maths activities at home. If your child is completing tasks easily now please use the parent packs on the website to look at the next CLIC. 



Todays zoom links will be Maths based looking at doubling numbers using Big Maths methods. 


Year 2 zoom

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Time: Jan 15, 2021 11:30 AM London

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Year 1

Fiona White is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Time: Jan 15, 2021 01:00 PM London

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Today we are starting our new RE topic, What is Baptism?

I would like you to ask your parents if you are Christened. You may have some photographs you could look at. If you have not been baptised you can look at the powerpoint to gain an understanding of what happens during a Baptism/ Christening. 

In school we would have a mock Christening service so maybe you could do this at home and discuss who might be there.

Who would be special godparents and what their role is.

Who would conduct the service? 

Would you celebrate this event? 

Are special clothes worn? 

Please read the next chapter on Purple Mash and complete the activities. I have also set a build the castle activity for you to do, so check your alerts. 


Getting away from the computer screen. 


Please send me some pictures if you are able to get out and complete a daily mile. you might be out on your bike, scooter or roller boots. I'd love to see some pictures of you staying fit.


Harry has started to make a lego castle. I wonder if you could make one from lego or other construction materials. Or if you are a baker you could try this... Use the link below.