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Year 1: Miss Harries

 W e l c o m e !

Reception / Year 1 Class 2020-2021


Hello everyone and welcome to the Reception / Year 1 class page.


Our Teacher is Miss Harries and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bell.


Summer Term


It is hard to believe we have already reached the Summer Term! 


Please find below links to the Weekly Overviews that you should follow if your child needs to stay at home due to self-isolating.


Details about your child's spellings for each week can be found on Tapestry.

Home Learning

I will be continuing to post daily updates on Tapestry, with all resources there as well as this overview of the week. 


Please continue to update me using Tapestry to send your child's work and activities to me. 


Corresponding videos for Literacy etc. will still be found on the daily posts on Tapestry, rather than this page. More detailed explanations will also be found on the daily update on Tapestry, so if you want to find more information about the activities, please look there. 


Take care,

Miss Harries


 W e l c o m e !

Reception / Year 1 Class 2020-2021


Hello everyone and welcome to the Reception / Year 1 class page.


Our Teacher is Miss Harries and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bell.


Please make sure you come to school wearing tracksuit bottoms and trainers on Tuesday for PE. 


Wellies should be left in school for Forrest Thursday.


Our class email address is:

Please use this to get in contact with Miss Harries. We will also be continuing to use Tapestry, so please check this regularly for observations and our Weekly Update. 



Remote Learning

If your child has symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19 and can't attend school, they will still be able to continue their learning from home. Our class will be using tapestry for this remote learning. 


Each week a plan will be posted detailing what we will be doing in school that week, along with activities and resources for you to use at home to support this learning. 


Please upload photos of your child completing the activities onto Tapestry. This will allow us to see how they got on with the activities and if they need any more help or support in certain areas. 

Home Learning

Each day we learn a new sound in Phonics. The corresponding homework sheet will be uploaded onto Tapestry so that the children can practise writing their sound at home. Please note, this does not have to be recorded on the sheet, it can be done in lots of ways, for example, painting or writing in foam!


If you do print the sheet out, this should not be returned to school as we are minimising the transfer of objects between home and school. Instead, please upload a photo to tapestry. Many thanks.








Home Learning Summer Term 2020


Hi Boys and Girls. 


It's our final week!


Please watch the link for this week's activity.


There are a small number of children who have not sent me their lockdown photograph. Please do this as soon as possible. 


I will be emailing all parents today with a time slot for a zoom meeting with you and your child. These will take place on Thursday and Friday within a group of 6 children. It will be just a short face to face chat to discuss how everything is and if you have any questions about September. Please respond to the email if you would like your allocated time slot. 

Some amazing paintings inspired by Van Gogh and Beegu last week.

W/C 8th June
W/C 1st June 

Some super work from last week!

WB 11th May 


Please send your Wetheral Art entries to our class email before 15th May. 

I think we are all enjoying our new topic. Some super work!

Reporter Thomas

Still image for this video

WC 4th May 

This week I have set the daily tasks. Please do what you can, there is no pressure to complete everything. The only thing I do ask is that if you do the Maths tasks please do them in order as this will aid understanding in a sequence. Do not feel you have to print anything out, you can quite easily make your own versions of the activities set. 


Have Fun and please remember to send a picture of you with one of the finished activities so your friends can see.



Friday 1st May


As today is a new month we always discuss this in the class. I would like you to say all the months in order and find out which months your family members have a birthday. Can you spell the months of the year? 



Today I would like you to listen again to the The Snail and the Whale story, if you have your own copy of the book read that one, if not use the Youtube link from Monday. We focus a lot on comprehension this term, please complete the activity attached. You might recall the words that are missing if you are familiar with the story or you may need to skim the story again.  



Friday is 'Beat that" day so lease practise your 'Learn Its'. Remember these are a timed. Parents if you are unsure of timings or need the next CLIC or 'Learn Its' please contact me on the class email. 


Lastly children, I would like you to share your fantastic work on The snail and the whale using a video slide show. If you could all send me something you are happy to have shown on our class page with you in it so all your friends can see you, please do so before Friday 8th May. 


Have a lovely weekend!

English activity for Friday 1st May

Thursday 30th April 


Good Morning boys and girlssmiley



Use the power point attached for your activities today. 




Counting in 5s. Can you count in 5s confidently and fill in the sheet. Make sure you form your numbers the correct way. 


Have you made your salt dough whale yet, I would love to see it if you have.

This activity is great practise for our fine motor skills as creates lots of finger exercises. 

 Wednesday 29th April



Today I would like you to watch the youtube link below about a whale being beached. Then I would like you to become a newspaper reporter. You could ask an adult to video your news. Discuss the events that are in the youtube clip like you a reporting for Scotby news. You will need to describe where and when the events happened and how the whale was rescued, you could even ask someone in your house to be one of the rescuers and interview them. Once you have made your video then write a newspaper report with pictures. 



Continue securing counting in 2s. Can you count to 100 in 2s? 


As it is International Dance Day. Can you join in with Mrs Townesnd's Monster Stomp in the link below?


Or you could try my favourite Troll dance. 


Tuesday 28th April 




Please read the adult guidance on how to question your child with this task. The adult guidance is for use for mastery questioning, so use some of the questions when your child is secure with counting in 2s. This maths task will run all week to ensure the children are secure with counting in 2s. 


Some children may need to use their 100square to support this activity.




Choose one of your favourite pictures in the book and draw the picture. Talk to someone in your family about the picture, describe what is happening in your own words. Look carefully at what you can see, hear or might feel. Can you now write a descriptive piece of writing about your picture.  Remember to include adjectives in your written work and remember our rules for writing.


  • Every sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.
  • Finger spaces.
  • Best handwriting, using your whoosh ins.
  • Children that can join, apply in your handwriting.
  • Use your phonics knowledge.




Monday 27th April


Good Morning boys and girls.

I hope home learning is going well. This week I have posted a little link below to start of our week.  I will post some weekly tasks but each day I will add a new English and Maths activity. Don't worry if some days you don't get things done, just do what you and your family can manage. 

I have loved receiving your emailed work, please continue to show me what you have been doing.


Once you have listened to the story I would like you to complete these activities.


You probably learnt last week that Penguins are found in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Can you find out which oceans the humpback whale swims in, or any other whales you might like to learn about. The humpback whale migrates, can you find out what migration means?

Can you find out the names of all the Oceans? 


This week you are learning to describe the main parts of a flowering plant. Use this link to help. I have also set up an activity on Purple Mash to support this.



Try making a salt dough whale ( if you have any flour, I managed to get some from  Aldi)

What you will need:
> Flour 
> Salt 
> Water 
> Large Mixing Bowl

 4oz of flour to 2 oz of salt.

Let me know how it goes!!!!

Once you have made your whale and it has dried out, you could paint it. 


English - Monday

  • There are lots of adjectives in this story ( remember adjectives are describing words). can you make a list of all the adjectives you hear? 
  • Look at pictures of snails and whales and think of words / sentences / paragraphs to describe them? You could draw a humpback whale and write your adjectives around the whale.
  • A rock is described as being 'as black as soot'. This is a simile. Can you find more in the story? Can you make up your own similes.


Snail and whale have ai and a-e(split-digraph). Can you make a list of all the ai and a-e words you can think of. 


Maths - Monday 

Please complete the activities from White Rose below, linked to volume. 

Remember that we count every day in school to 100 and back from 100. Today can you also count in 2s to 20 then back from 20( this is a little trickier) I have attached a 100 square to help. If you can count in 2s to 20 forwards and backwards try going further maybe to 100! 




 This week on the spelling overview we are looking at compound words. Try this activity, say the word then write it down. For example the first one is moon, which picture goes with moon to make a compound word? moon and light = moonlight. Please use your phonics for spelling and your best whoosh ins in your handwriting. 


Monday 20th April 

Good morning boys and girls.
Well done to everyone that completed some of the home learning last week I have really enjoyed seeing your work and your little faces. If you have not made contact by email please do so. 

This week I would like you to start your week with a story, Penguins Can't Fly 
After the story think about how the two birds are good friends and how they help each other. 
Can you draw a picture of a friend from school and write a 3 or 4 sentences about how they help you, remember to use your phonics knowledge when writing I wouldn't expect to see every word spelt correctly.

Then focus on the title of the book. Why do you think penguins can't fly, are they the only birds with wings that can't fly? Do they need to be able to fly? Think about where they live for this question. Lots of you made penguins from toilet rolls, can you add materials to try and get your penguin to fly?

Refer to the spelling overview for weekly spellings. Remember to access this  website for reading activities. 


Use this link for a special penguin dance. 

As the weather continues to be nice I thought it would be perfect timing to start our work on volume and capacity. Use the link below and look at the video for Year 1 week 1 ,capacity and volume. This is a Spring block but I always use the Summer term for this activity as we can get outside and use the big water trays and jugs. 
Home Learning | White Rose Maths | Maths Lessons › home learning Spring Block 4 WO1 Introduce weight and mass.
Have fun playing with water and understanding the words capacity and volume. We always start with looking at non-standard measures so seeing how many cups or bowls fill another bowl.  For an extension you could use jugs and look at what liquids can be measured in. 


This term we would also start work on spelling number names for the numbers 1-20 , example 1 0ne, 2 two 3 three. This can be tricky so it is something we revisit throughout the term. 



It is also St George's day on Thursday, which we would have celebrated in school. So if you would like to do any activities on this special event, please do. This will link to our work from last term on England. You could make a sword  or a shield with your family coat of arms on, or a dragon. 

Our Wonderful World Curriculum Overview

Summer 1 Spellings


Tuesday 14th April

Good Morning boys and girls, I  hope you are well and keeping safe. Today is the start of our Summer term and our new topic, Our Wonderful World. I have attached the Overview and each week I will post different activities for you to do at home.
Over the next 2 weeks we are going to look at hot and cold climates of the world. This week I would like you to focus on cold places. Can you make a poster all about cold places in the world. Can you locate cold places on a map?  What kind of animals like to live in cold places? Can you find the equator on a globe? What do you notice about where the hot and cold places are in relation to the equator?

Remember to write your facts using your phonics sounds. 
Watch this clip to further your knowledge. 

Adaptations of animals living in the Arctic - KS1 Science - BBC ... › bitesize › clips › zrgygk7 


Phonics. Lots of us were struggling with the aw sound, can you remember the speed sound picture for this sound? How many aw words can you think of?  The youtube clip below goes through the Set 3 speed sounds so please visit this every day with your child. 

Set 3 Sounds - YouTube › watch


This week in maths  I would like you  to look at coin recognition. You could set up a shop and put some prices on items. Start with labels for the coins 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p £1 and £2 to begin with. You should eventually be able to recognise these coins by shape and colour rather than looking for the number on the coin. Coin rubbings is also a lovely activity to do. When you are confident with the recognition you could use the coins to make different amounts and link this to their "Big Maths' facts such as can they buy something at the shop for 3p well I know 2p+1p is 3p so I can use 2p and 1p coins to make 3p and so on. Can you use 5p coins to count in 5s or 10p coins to count to 100?

How many different ways can you make 10p then 20p?  Try this game on the Topmarks website.

Please email all the different ways you found. 

Art activities 

Can you make an animal that lives in a cold place from a toilet tube? 



Draw some pictures of the flowers and plants in your garden. Can you use the internet to find out what they are called? If you go on a walk see how many different flowers you can spot. My favourite are tulips, see if you can spot them. 
 I look forward to seeing what you get up to this week? 

Mrs White x

Hi Children,

This is not the Easter Holiday we expected but I thought it might be nice to do some Easter activities. Here are some activities you can do but if you have your own ideas, even better. Please send a picture of the activities you complete through the class email. 

The class login for this site is Class name ScotbyYear1 password ScotbyHome.

Let me know by email how you get on reading the ebooks.


The homepage includes information on phonics and reading, as well as free maths games -

Some helpful websites. 


  • Phonics Play – Phonics games that we use in school- Username: march20  Password: home
  • Alphablocks  - Play along and watch the fun and friendly letters of the alphabet as they work together to make words and tell stories using phonics. Available to play and watch on Cbeebies and just to watch on the iPlayer.


Reading and Listening

The homepage includes information on phonics and reading, as well as free maths games -

The Book Trust – Free online books and videos, play games, and complete quizzes, and learn how to draw some of your favourite characters!

  • Cbeebies Radio - Listening activities -


Hi Rec/ Year 1 


This page will be mainly for year 1 as I am using tapestry for Reception. 

If your child has completed the activities I sent home on Friday I will post daily activities on here. If you would like specific support for your child please use the class email. 


I would like you  to spend some time finding out about Queen Elizabeth 11. You could create a fact file with writing and pictures. Please remember when your child is writing it is important that they do this as independently as possible. They should use their phonics knowledge for  writing rather than you spell out everything for them. I will post some resources on here tomorrow to support this. 



We have been looking at time the children are all secure with O'Clock and we were due to start looking at half past. This is something that they could spend time on at home. Ask your child what time is dinner time, play time , tea time and bed time? Please email any pictures of your child telling the time. 


Number facts 

We have worked very hard on number facts to 10. When your child is secure with facts to 10 they can link this to facts to 20. 8+2=10 So 18+2=20 and so on. If you email me I can send activities to support this. When all this is secure this can support subtraction ask your child what are the subtraction facts that go with this eg 10-2=8 and 20-18=2. 

Please email if you have any problems. 


September Curriculum Letter

Reception/Year 1's News

Welcome to our class page . Here you will find lots of important curriculum information about your child's time in Reception/Year 1.