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Good morning!


Today I would like you to focus on our spellings of the week as this spelling rule is a tricky one. Adding  ed in year 1  we focus on just adding the suffix with no change to the root word. For example:

play= played



kiss= kissed 

Remember the root words that we add ed to are verbs ( doing words) 

Adding the ed makes the word become a past tense word, ( it has happened). 

Watch the video then complete the activity.


Quick English task


Yesterday we looked at the planets in order from the sun. Today I would like you to put them in alphabetical order. You can cut the pictures out to do this or draw your own and label them. 



Can you complete this challenge, adding 10 to a number. Roll a dice and whatever number you land on add 10. Time yourself to see how quickly you can get to the end. Challenge yourself 2 or 3 times and see which time is your quickest.