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Friday 5th June 2020

Good Morning 6B 

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from many of you yesterday and hearing about what you got up to in the half-term and what you are looking forward to. If you haven't had chance to send a message yet, I would still love to hear from you. It doesn't need to be long smiley.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend after today's learning and I will be in touch with you all again on Monday.

Suggested Timetable for Today:

P.E: Joe Wicks

Mini Maths: Mean, Mode, Median & Range (Last one)

English: Camp Green Lake Descriptive Write

Maths: Ordering, Comparing & Simplifying Fractions

Reading: Chapter 7 Holes (No VIPERS today)

Topic: The Importance of Baghdad

Golden Time: 'Holes' Movie Clip


P.E - Get yourselves warmed up for the day with Joe Wicks by clicking HERE.


Mini Maths: I think most of you are just about getting to grips with multiplying and dividing by decimals. If you are still finding it a challenge, please get in touch and I will email you a video showing you how to work them out.

Tip: 6.287 has 3 decimal places today so you will have to multiply it by 1000 to get rid of the decimals. Think carefully about what you will have to divide by at the end.

Use estimation to check if your answers are about right. E.g. 6.287 x 3.8 =

round the numbers to the nearest whole number so 6 x 4 = 24

Your answer for question 4 today should be somewhere around 24.


English: Log on to Purple Mash and open up the template 'Entering Camp Green Lake', which has been set as a 2Do. Underneath the image of Camp Green Lake, write a descriptive paragraph from Stanley's perspective as though you have just stepped off of the bus and are taking in your surroundings.

Think about your senses and remember to build in some of the super sentences that you have worked on over the past couple of days.

Please see an optional vocabulary sheet attached below.

Maths: Please log on to to MyMaths and complete the two activities that have been set: 'Ordering and Simplifying Fractions' and 'Comparing Mixed and Improper Fractions'

Don't forget to push 'Mark It' when you have completed each activity and remember to 'Checkout' so that it saves your results.

If you need any help at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Reading: Please read chapter 7 of 'Holes'. There are no questions today so just relax and enjoy the chapter. It is quite long so make sure that you are sitting somewhere comfortable and that you have some provisions (drink and snack).

Topic: Today we are going to be looking at 'The Importance of Baghdad'. Please download the files attached below. One of them is a PDF version of the presentation, which includes today's tasks and the other is a resource sheet that you will need to complete a sorting task.

If you do not have a printer, do not worry. Just draw yourself a quick sorting grid and write the statements under where you think they should belong.

There is a video link on page 6, to access it please click on the pink play button and it will take you to a BBC page, which contains the video shown in the image above.

Holes (Part 1)

Holes (Part 2)