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Hi Boys and Girls



This morning I had a call from Beegu's mum, she is very worried that she is lost and would like our help to find her. I said we would love to help by designing a lost poster. In your poster I would like you to include Beegu's name, what she looks like - using descriptive language, where she was last seen and how important it is that her parents find her as they are missing her. Please include a picture of Beegu so everyone knows what she looks like and let's help get Beegu home. yes



There is no formal maths session today but I would like you to continue work on halves and quarters for revision. Can you find half and a quarter of the following numbers. Remember when you half a number you should have 2 groups and when you quarter a number you should have 4 groups. Ask an adult to draw 2 groups when you half a number and place the objects in the group and then draw 4 groups for you when you quarter a number. 


 Half these numbers -       6      10         14        18        20 


Quarter these numbers-    4      8         16        24         40


Handwriting practise. Please practise todays join (ch)



Last week we thought about a significant person.

Today i would like you just to look at the picture below and think about who you think this man is? 

Do you think he is important?

Why do you think he is important?

Do you think he is famous?

Do you know who he is? 

Please do not ask an adult about who this is, I would like to know your thoughts about him. We are going to learn a lot about him in the next few weeks. Talk to an adult about the person in the picture and  video the conversation you have with a parent about him and send it to me, I would love to hear your thoughts.