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Here is the link for our class book,I hope you enjoy it! 

After listening to the story I would like you to do some research about Greenpeace and the work they do. You can present your information in anyway you can. Your information might include how Greenpeace helps our world and whales. Some of you have already learnt lots of facts about whales, can you record some facts using your phonics sounds to write sentences and pictures. KUW



Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at multiplication. It is really important that the children really understand the process of multiplication so please do not rush onto using the x sign. Follow the daily steps. First we look at grouping. Find some items in the house to use. Sweets are a good one! Ask an adult to give you a certain amount of sweets and see if you can group them, (adults at first don't direct how your child groups things let them decide on the grouping and then ask them to explain their grouping). Use the sheet to talk about whether the groups are equal or unequal you might notice a link between how many sweets you had and odd/ even numbers. 



Use the power point attached to look at the Life Cycle of a plant. There are lots of new words for you to talk about.