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Thursday 11th June 2020

Good Morning 6B


I hope that you are all well and that you are enjoying this week's learning. Not long until the weekend 6B and then you can enjoy a well earned rest.


Suggested Timetable for Today

Morning Activities:

P.E: Joe Wicks

Mini Maths: Read & Write Algebra

Reading: Free Read

Maths: Read, Write & Convert Between Standard Units

EnglishPassive Voice

Art - Islamic Architecture - Zaha Hadid

Spanish - Oak National Academy (alphabet & counting)


P.E: Get yourselves warmed up for the day with Joe Wicks by clicking the link here.


Mini Maths:  Please find below the answers to yesterday's Mini Maths task.

Notice how the questions involving finding half or a quarter (Q2 & Q4) are shown using division. For example: if you were to find an eighth, you would show this as a fraction by dividing by 8.


Check out today's questions in the image below. Now these algebraic statements require you to include brackets. 

For example: four lots of B minus 1 = 4(B -1) Think BODMAS - I want to do the B -1 first and then multiply by the 4, so the 4 goes outside of the brackets at the start.

Reading: Please take some time to enjoy your own reading books.


Ideally, you should all be reading at least three times a week.


There are still some children who are yet to complete a STAR Reader quiz since home learning began.


If you haven't already,  make a conscientious effort to complete any outstanding quizzes. 



Maths:  Log on to SATs Companion and complete the exercise 'Read, Write & Convert Between Standard Units'.

Be careful when converting between units of time - there are not 100 seconds in a minute or 100 minutes in an hour so addition and subtraction with the column method will not work when converting time.


SPAG: Today we are going to be exploring both the Passive and Active voice. We have looked at them both in class but please refresh your memories by accessing the PowerPoint that is attached below and completing the tasks inside.

When you have finished the PowerPoint, log on to SATs Companion and work through the 'Passive and Active' task.

You may be thinking, "Why are we looking at the passive and active voice?" Well... non-chronological reports often use the passive voice to make them sound more formal.

Art: Today in art we are going to explore the work of a modern Muslim architect and use their creations to inspire a piece of our own work. Use the PowerPoint attached below to get started on today's task smiley.

 You can discover a little more about Zaha Hadid by clicking the image above.

Spanish: Hola! Something a little bit different for today boys and girls. I have been trying to explore how we can continue to develop our understanding of languages and recently discovered that Oak National Academy have been producing Spanish lessons each week so I thought that we could give them a go.


Click on the image to check out the first lesson. Every Thursday I will post the next session on here.