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Good morning!



Hopefully you have thought about the characters for your story and where your story is taking place. Today I would like you to plan out your story using pictures. You can use as many pictures as you like to tell your story but your story must have a problem then a resolution so it ends with a happy ending, as we all love a story with a happy ending. I would like your pictures to really tell the story so I know what is happening without any writing. I have included a story map for the story Whatever next so you can see how a story map tells the story. Make your drawings as detailed as you can see I can see the events unfold. 



Today I would like you to revisit subtraction on a number line. Remember the rule when we are subtracting our answer will always be smaller than the number we started with. 

Purple Mash 


I would like you to do the job on Purple mash like I have done below! You can become a real life astronaut and I would like you to use the record button to send me a message. Your message might include what it is like to land on the moon.