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Year 1 / 2

 You can use the email address below to contact school if you have concerns about emotional well being, special educational needs or need advice or support for you and your family.

Our class email address is 

Week beginning 13th July 2020




A Final Project

For this last week of term I would like you to create a poster with the heading 'Looking Back, Looking Forward'.

Please choose a piece of paper or card of any size and divide it in two. On one side, present some examples of things you have learned, things you have done and things that have happened to you whilst you have not been at school. These could be things such as losing a tooth, learning to ride a bike or handwriting practice. You could use pictures you have drawn, photos, writing and examples of your work. On the other side, please present things you are looking forward to or are hoping for when you return to school, Again, you could use pictures and writing to represent your ideas. You could alternatively design your poster using a computer and print it off, if you prefer.

When you come back to school, please bring your poster and we will display it in your new classroom.



I would also like you to choose some work you are really proud of from the home learning you have done whilst school has been closed. When you come back to school in September please be prepared to share it with some other children and talk about the reasons you have chosen it. You may want to bring a diary, some photos, some maths work or art and craft. The choice is yours.



This is the last week of a very different school year. Thank you all for your commitment and hard work. I have really enjoyed being your class teacher. Thank you too for all your kind comments and support in the emails you have sent. I hope you and your families have an enjoyable summer holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in person in September.


Mrs J. Townsend


You may wish to continue with Maths for this last week of term.

Maths - Please use Home Learning 

Make sure that you watch the teaching video on the Home Learning section before you complete the worksheet.

You may have used some of the Y1 worksheets before. If that is the case, please watch the Y1 BBC Bitesize lessons and use the worksheets available there.

Don't forget to join in the summer reading challenge!

You can find out all about it here:

Welcome to Year 1/2!