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Year 1 / 2

 You can use the email address below to contact school if you have concerns about emotional well being, special educational needs or need advice or support for you and your family.


Say 'Hello' to the Year 1/2 Class.

You were all brilliant last half term!


Week beginning 1st June 2020

Heroes and Villains

What is a hero?

Daily Activities

There are a number of activities I would like you to do daily. These are:

 Maths - Please use Home Learning 


If you do not have a printer, look at the worksheets and write down the answers. You can also use the BBC Bitesize Y1 maths worksheets and print them off directly.

You could also print off some maths booklets from

Again, there are activities for Year 1 and Year 2 which are linked to the national curriculum.

Phonics - Please log onto Ruth Miskin Training YouTube where there will be daily activities linked to the programme of work we study at school.  Make sure that you know all the Set 2 and Set 3 sounds.               

There is also Username: march20 Password: home

Look for activities in Phase 5 for Year 1 and Phase 6 for Year 2. Y1 children please look for Reading Robot and practise the Y1 Phonics Check.

You should also log on to Spelling Shed and practise the common exception words for Y1 and Y2.

Reading - If you have your own books to read please continue to read them. There are also books on the website.

Look for the class login at the top. Use:

Year1: ScotbyYear1

Year2 : ScotbyYear2

and the password is: ScotbyHome

If you would like to listen to stories, then you can log onto where there are a number of stories you can listen to for free at the moment.

Handwriting - Please print off and complete one of the following sheets each day.

Try to do one a day. If you do not have a printer you can copy the sentences from the screen. You can also log onto the website below to print off worksheets to practise forming any letters you are not sure of.

Singing -  Please join me in singing a song every day. Previous songs are on the Youtube channel with a link below.

PE -  Use Go Noodle at or BBC Supermovers to follow activities online or just go for a walk and play in your garden in the sunny weather every day.

Weekly Activities

Please choose from the activities below and try to complete some of the tasks every week. The literacy work is the most important! 

This section will be updated weekly.

Literacy -  Log onto Espresso and click on Key Stage 1 English. Look for Traditional Tales and watch the video about Little Red Riding Hood. Afterwards, look at the activities and complete the quiz about Little Red Riding Hood. Write two or three sentences/statements to explain what the story is about. 

Then please read the following text and answer the attached questions about it.

In the Key Stage 1 English section on Espresso please look for the 'Grammar and punctuation' and click on it. Please complete the Sentence activities about 'Combining words to make sentences.' There will also be a weekly grammar activity added to each week for you to complete. 

Music - Y2 children, you have been sent details for how to log onto Charanga Yumu where Mrs Tuffin has set work for you to practise your Toots and Doods. Y1 children go to the BBC School Radio - Primary Music page. There is a unit of work called 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Please complete one lesson a week.

Art and Design -  Look at the Tate Gallery website Tate Kids and click on 'Explore', then click on 'Explore More Art and Artists' and look for 'Who's Who'. Click on 'See All Artists' and look for 'Who is Henri Matisse?'. Read the information, look at the pictures and then watch 'Meet Matisse' below.

RE - Please log onto and watch this week's video about Jesus.  Talk with someone about what you have learned.

History - Watch this video about a significant person. Complete the activity after you have watched it.

For the following subjects please log onto Espresso 

Username: student9568 Password: scotby

Science -  Follow the unit of work for Key Stage 1 Science entitled Plants. There are videos, activities and worksheets to print off. Do a little bit each week. In addition you could spend some time looking at

There is also a link here to Science Buddies with a weekly activity for you to complete if you wish.

Geography - Follow the Key Stage 1 Geography unit entitled Maps and mapping. Complete the videos, activities and worksheets once a week to fit your weekly timetable.

ICT Hi boys and girls!

I hope you enjoyed putting animations in your story book last week. This week we are going to add sounds to our work!

  1. Open your 2do and click on My story instead of My Simple Story
  2. Open up your saved work from last time. (Click the button with three lines in top left corner and then click open and you should find it there). 
  3. Remind yourselves of the story you created last time. Run the pages (using the big green arrow at the top of the page).
  4. We are now going to add sounds to make our stories even more interesting! To do this, click on the speaker button and experiment with the different sounds you find. Remember to click the drop down arrow to explore more sounds!
  5. Add a sound to your story.
  6. Have a go at recording your own sound. To do this open up the sounds again and click on record. This will allow you to record yourself. If you click on the piano you can have a go at creating your own tune on different instruments. Click the record button and when you are done playing your tune click the stop button. You can then play your tune back and decide if you would like to re-do or use that tune.
  7. Think about what your story is about. How can the chosen sound effects or tunes make it happy, sad or scary?
  8. For each page you can only add one sound. 
  9. Remember to save your work!

Year 2 children, please remember to complete the MyMaths and Spelling Shed activities set for you weekly. Some of you also have Lexia activities to complete each week. Well done for working so hard on these tasks last half term.

Creative Activities

Here are some further ideas for activities you can do at home which are fun and where you don't need to use an electronic device.


1.How are you getting on with your lockdown diary? Remember that if you write a diary at this time it will become part of history. You could start one now if you haven't already. You could write in it once a week if you are finding it hard to do every day. Why don't you include photographs, drawings and newspaper clippings?

2.Make an obstacle course in your garden for your family or your pets.

3.Play hopscotch with someone else in your family.

4. Build a den in your room or outside.

5.Have an alphabet hunt around your house. Start with A and see if you can find all the letters in order.

6.Collect junk from packaging you have used and turn it into an amazing model. You could work with your family to make a huge sculpture.

7. Create a fruit salad with your favourite fruit. 

8. Listen to your favourite music and make up a dance routine.

9.Draw a picture of your favourite plant or minibeast that you have found in your garden.

10. Finally visit Disneyland and go on the virtual rides. You do need an electronic device for this activity. Sorry!

Welcome to Year 1/2!