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Year 6K

Welcome to Year 6K


The Final Day

So I have thought hard on what to say for your last day. I wanted to come up with something mind blowing that will stick with you for the rest of your lives; I soon determined that I was unable to come up with that illusive sentence.

I have realised that I need say no more than well done, I am proud of every single one of you and I wish you nothing but the best for the future. 

Live with health, happiness and harmony and you'll all be alright! 

Aloha to all of my 6K


Mr Kealoha

The Final Week

Can you believe it? It is your final week as Scotby pupils. From the first day to the last it has and will be our pleasure to have been part of your journeys.


In this last week we would like you to complete a project of your experience over the lock down period. This is a moment of living history and you are living through a time that I hope will not be repeated ever again. But, it is an experience that you will be stronger because of. Some of you I'm sure have enjoyed the time, for others it will have been extremely testing. These are not feelings that should be ignored but embraced and shared.

It is up to you how to present your project but it will serve as a reminder of a time that you are unlikely to meet again.


To get you started I have a time capsule pack to download which has lots of suggestions to get you up and running. From there it would be great for your creativity to take over. Make a blog, podcast or news report of your experience. Try creating a presentation or a piece of artwork, a diary entry of an average day. Use Purple Mash to develop an animation or fact file.


Please continue to get in contact on the class email and check back each day as I will continue to read through the rest of Holes so that we finish the book for the end of term.







New pages

Make sure to check out the new reading newsletter and also the Maths and English Challenges set by myself and Miss Bradley for everyone to have a go at.

Some of last weeks work. Thank you everyone.

This weeks work (and some extras from last term).

15th April 2020


I hope your first day was good. You should hopefully have found out that our topic is ........................... drum roll.......................Ancient Greece.

The geography lead to countries that had the first letters that could be rearranged to spell ATHENS in Greece. You also had the little bit of work on Pandora's box to do which is a famous Greek myth and finally the maths work was based on triangles for which Pythagoras (a Greek philosopher and mathematician) was famous for coming up with his Pythagoras theorem for right angle triangles. 



Lets start differently - Watch the video at the link. We are going to try to learn how to juggle. It's great, fun but gentle warm-up to the day that also helps to teach the mindfulness and focus that we looked at at the start of the year. Keep practising each morning and send a video if you manage to do it.

English: (These tasks need to be completed by Friday 17th April)

1. 'able' spelling rule. Watch the revisit video with yours truly, do the task and practise on Spelling Shed.

2. Read the article on SATs Companion and answer the questions.

3. Watch the tutorial on hyphens and dashes. Next log in to and have a go at the questions.


1. Day 2 of the White Rose angles work.

2. Watch the video introducing 3 methods for proving that the internal angles of a triangle equal 180º and have a go at using them. 


1. Read through the information on Sir Isaac Newton and then use the biography template in Purple Mash to write about him or you could create a power point on him ;to send to me. If you have another way to share what you find out about him, I'd love to see it. Get creative.



able spelling rules

Still image for this video

Hyphens vs. dashes | Punctuation

Hyphens and dashes look pretty similar, but their uses are very different! Learn when to use each one in this video. Practice this yourself on Khan Academy r...

Angles proof

Still image for this video

14th April 2020.

And we are back. I am sure that you have been enjoying your Easter holidays and chocolates but now is the time to get back to it.


Daily Tasks: Spelling Shed and TTRockstars


Wake-up: Get yourselves warmed up with Joe Wicks or possibly the funnest way to get going.......Just Dance videos. This is my current favourite to start my day with my family.


Maths: Try this WHICH ONE DOESN'T BELONG and email your ideas for each one.

Remember: You must try to explain why each shape doesn't belong as part of the group. Is it the only one divided as equilateral triangles etc?


Either email your answers or photograph your book and email the photo.









Angles in triangles: We have already looked at measuring and drawing angles and properties of shapes. This week we will focus on angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. 


Follow the link below where you will find an introduction video, questions and answers for each day this week (summer term - week 1)

Complete each days tasks on the correct day and check your answers. There will then be follow up tasks on Purple Mash and SATS Companion. (If you have any questions email them in and I will make a little video tutorial to help with the areas).


English: Lets ease into the week. 


Below you will find a video about Pandora's Box. I would like you to watch the video up to 2 minutes and then press pause. I would then like you to describe what you think and then describe what has been placed in the box by Zeus. Explain how Pandora might be feeling and how she might convince herself to open it knowing that Zeus has told her it is not for mortal (human) eyes.


Resist the temptation to play the rest of the video until you have written your thoughts in your book. 




Afternoon Tasks: 



Below are links to different destinations around the world.  Can you discover a clue about what our next topic is? By using the first letter of each destination, arrange the letters to create the name of a place that is a clue about our next topic. Use the blank sheet in Purple Mash or your an art pad to draw an image of a famous landmark from that place.









Send any guesses for our next topic to me with any work that you email. There have been clues in all of the work that you have completed today.


Get outside: Try completing some of these activities during the week.


As always, email any questions or work to me at the address below.


The myth of Pandora's box

Well done all for making it to the end of our first week. You have all done fantastically and I am very proud of all of you for continuing with your learning in these difficult circumstances.

A big thank you to all those new educators out there who have had to take on an unexpected role. Every parent, grand parent and carer deserves a well earned Easter break.


For our final day this term, lets keep it nice and easy.



English - 10 mins of spelling Shed

  • Complete any tasks you need to do (Diary write or Day of the Day write)
  • Write a short recount of your first week of home learning. What you have enjoyed, found strange, hard etc,  How you have motivated yourself to complete your work and what you hope to do over the Easter Break.


  • TTrockstars (10 mins)
  • Have a go at the riddle below (watch the video and pause it at 1min 23 before the answer is given. 
  • The Zombie Bridge Riddle
  • Give it a good go before checking the answer. (Make notes in your maths book as you watch the video so you know exactly what to do).



  • Carry on with your French food diary
  • Complete any other afternoon tasks
  • Offer to do a chore for a family member for helping with your work
  • Watch the next chapter of Trash (if you would like to) read by yours truly.


Final thoughts

  • Enjoy your Easter Break and if you have any good ideas for keeping entertained while we are all protecting everyone out there by staying indoors as much as possible, please share them with the class using the Blog features on Purple Mash or our class page on the school website.
  • Take care and see speak to you all after the break


Trash P3 C8

Some examples of work being sent to me.

Bright and bold. Well done MK.
Beautifully presented work as always MK
Lovely work MG. Really bold and strong imagery.
Lots of excellent show don't tell examples from OB
Abstract geometric shapes. Love it OL.
Excellent choice of images from JM
Fab fusion of the two styles of art from LR

26th March 2020


Keep going everyone. Big well done to those who are staying motivated and getting through the tasks. Please remember to email me at the class email address:

Please also send work any work (photos or files) you have done to this email address. Thank you to those who have sent work already .


Todays tasks:

P.E - Joe Wick (this was a hard work out yesterday, I don't know about you but I was worn out).

Maths - We are in a TTrockstars battle with Year 6B (and losing badly). Lets try to catch up please.

Have a go at the Algebra questions on SATs companion. The reasoning 2 paper needs to be completed by the end of the week.

If you have done both, try the problem solving task (maths tricks) below in your maths book. (Can you explain what is going on?)

English - Lots of quizzes to complete on SATs companion. For many, the diary write on Purple Mash needs completing.

Thursday and Friday - Open write (COMPLETED IN GREEN WRITING BOOK): Watch the short film below that is linked to Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Can you then write a description, using show don't tell, to describe the little girl's sadness at the grave?

Remember show don't tell is communicating how someone feels by what they do and how they act but not writing how they feel on the inside.


French - I would like you to try to keep a French food diary in your writing book. 

Watch the video using the link below and try to write a list of all the foods that you hear.

You can add them to the list below. Try to write a phonetic version of each word that you hear in the video to help you pronounce each food correctly.



Music - We will get started on the beat boxing as we move on from the body percussion that we have been working on.

Remember, we have been focusing on ostinatos which are musical phrases played repeatedly or looped.

Watch the video tutorial for the first steps of beat boxing. Have a go and try to create and write down, using some of the notation (letters or images on a grid) that we used. Email me you results and I'll try them out and record videos of any good ones I have.


Beat boxing tutorial


*After Easter break we will have a go at recording some music using and excellent program called Soundation.  Have a go to familiarise yourself with it before we get started.


25th March 2020

Day 3 and a big thank you to all those who have been completing the work from home. A big thank you to the parents as well who are probably fielding lots of questions and having to take on such an unexpected role.

*Please try to complete as many tasks as you can but I am also aware of how hard it currently is. I am trying to limit most of the tasks to either Purple Mash or SATs companion to reduce confusion but please continue to contact me via the class email should you have questions.


Here are the suggested tasks for today. 

P.E with Joe - Great way to start your day. I've been doing it for the last couple of days with my family and it has woken us up and got us ready to work. Here is a link to yesterdays but you can live stream them at 9am

SATs companion - Reading (retrieving facts 1)

Mr K - Video (Inside outside sentences)

Purple Mash - Continue with your diary and try to include an inside/outside sentence.


Purple Mash - Fractions wall (5 mins)

Algebra Notation - Watch the introduction video and then have a go at competing the questions on SATs companion (Using formulae)


Geography - Please login to espresso using the login details i have posted in the blogs section of Purple Mash -

Home - Sharing - Shared blogs - Passwords

Espresso - Follow the path  - Home - Key Stage 2- Geography - mountains

Watch the video about mountain habitats.

Read through the Fact files on mountain habitats and climates.

Task: Create a leaflet using the Purple Mash 2do that explains how habitats are affected by the different features of mountains including their location, climate etc

Art - Carry on with your art work.



Outside (Inside)

Y6K Home Learning


Hello to all of Y6K.


If you happen to be one of the class who will not be in school, my plan for learning at home is to have online tasks set for you to complete. I will also set work that you can do using the maths and English books that I sent home with you on Friday. (These can be picked up by parents from school if you happen to not have been in school on Friday)


As much as is possible, I will try to set work that needs a minimum of support from your parents or carers as I understand the demands that everyone is under in these unusual times - I also understand that the demands of the Year 6 National Curriculum are not something that everyone is familiar or confident with.


As I said, it is vitally important that you all continue to work just as hard at home as you would in school, but I am in no doubt that you will.


Each day I will expect a few regular tasks to be completed such as using Spelling Shed or SATs companion. I will also provide links to videos and resources to help with new learning, task or activities to complete offline and answers for you to mark any work that is not set via an online platform. 


Keep up your hard work and I hope to see you all soon.


High fives all around to my awesome class.


Mr Kealoha



Art 24_03-20

Hello all,

This afternoon, could you please start this little art project. First, watch the video which will introduce you to what I would like you to do. You should take a little time to look at some of Joaquim's art to inspire you. Use the link below. Please take your time and do not rush the piece. try to remember how we sketched out a plan of our artwork before working on the ben day dots and finally the black outline.

24th March 2020


Morning all. To stream line things and make it easier to explain work I have recorded all or most of the tasks to video for you to work from. Pause and rewatch the videos as necessary.


Could you please start with 10 mins of spelling shed before completing the English work ( introduction videos embedded below).


Next, start with 10 mins of TTRockstar before completing the SATs tassessment on Sats companion. We didn't get a chance to complete these so they we need to get them done.


This afternoon is art. I will share the introduction video at lunch time ready to get started.

Again, make sure you read for at least 20mins, completing ZPD quizzes as necessary.


For a break I suggest the Just dance videos available on Youtube, (Uptown Funk is particularly fun). Remember to try and take time to meditate if you can.


Email with any questions. 


Mr Kealoha



Progressive Verbs 24.03.2020

Diary Introduction

23rd March 2020


Here is an outline of the work for today. Although these can be completed in any order, I would suggest sticking to our usual daily routine.



WODB - Which of these doesn't belong and why? To be competed in your orange maths book. Answers will be shared tomorrow (10mins)

Answers and suggestions tomorrow.


Spelling shed 

Complete 10 mins at the start of each day please. YOu will find the gameset for our current spelling rule.


English - (1hr)

Watch the video for the next chapter of Trash (follow the link below). Complete the comprehension questions on Purple Mash.


Follow up task: Start to plan a diary entry that Miss Olivia might write.  Use your green writing book and use a spider diagram to plan out the main points. Think carefully about how she is feeling from being in prison,lying tothe guards, meeting Gabriel Olondriz and the betrayal by Gardo. Use the story board to help remind you of the story or play and pause the video.

This will lead to some writing later in the week.



Maths: (1hr)

Watch the following video on Bodmas and order of operations and then complete the order of operations questions on SATs companion or Mirodo. Use the login that was given to you on Friday.


Follow up task: Complete the RICH task below (BIDMAS means the same as BODMAS except Order has been replaced by Indices)


Computing: Complete the Scratch maze games that you started programming with Miss Bradley. You should be able to log on to Scratch online.


Remember to read your ZPD books and keep up with your quizzing.

All children using Lexia or Nessy should continue to complete at least 10 mins per day to meet their usage.


This should keep you busy and I'll catch up tomorrow. Please email any questions to our new class email.


Mr Kealoha 

Order of Operations - Primary

This video explains the correct order of mathematical operations. Ideal for Key Stage 2 students or even Key Stage 3. Questions: https://corbettmathsprimary....

UPDATE for computing today

Create a personal scratch account at the following link if you do not have one:

Use the tutorial video to help you create your basic maze game.
Please email a link for your game to the class email address.

Thanks all and happy programming.