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Year 6B

Class 6B
Miss Bradley


Welcome to our class page. 
Keep popping back for regular updates on what we have been getting up to in class.

David Walliams If you follow the link below, each day you can listen to David Walliams reading one his short stories from the 'World's Worst Children'.


Easter Activities - Optional

You don't have to do them but they are here if you want something to do laugh.

Open the file below and you will find indoor and outdoor suggested activities.

Feel free to email in any photos of activities you complete.


Have a lovely break!


Miss Bradley

Friday 27th March 2020


More fantastic work from you all yesterday 6B. It has been wonderful to see pictures of you completing other activities not included in the daily set tasks too.


Good Morning and Happy Friday!


Well done 6B, we made it through our first week of home learning! I don't know about you but I have certainly learnt a lot. 

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all of you! Firstly, for showing excellent commitment to your learning this week and secondly, for keeping in touch. It has been lovely hearing from you all and seeing all the work that you have been completing and has given me something to look forward to throughout the day. My highlight of the week has definitely been receiving the videos and pictures of you playing your musical instruments.


I would also like to say a big thank you to all the parents/guardians who have been supporting you over the past week and who didn't sign up to be educators.


In order to show how grateful you are too 6B, you can do any one of the following on top of today's learning:

- Tidy your bedroom (if it needs doing)

- Make your parent/guardian breakfast or lunch (ask if you can beforehand and don't use anything electrical without adult supervision)

- Make them a drink

- Hoover the house

- Wash the dishes (empty the dishwasher)

- Empty the bin

or any other activity your parent asks you to do laugh





  • Spelling - Please log on to SATs Companion and complete the spelling assessment.


  • Maths - Log on to SATs Companion - please complete the reasoning 2 actvitity (Last one I promise). Make sure you use your orange books to show your working. Remember if you need to draw little diagrams to help you then please do so and note down the key information.


  • English  - Please complete the Reading assessment on SATs companion and complete any ZPD quizzes on the STAR Reader platform Use the following link to access this:


  • Topic - Design a quiz on purple mash using the programme '2Quiz'. Your quiz must be Geography based and focus on the continents North and South America. You could ask questions about natural and physical features, location, animals, vegetation, biomes, climate or population. I have set it as a 'To do task' so you should be able to find the programme once you have logged on. Please save it into the 'Geography Quiz' folder and let me know if you have any problems.

This is the icon of the programme you should be using.


Remember to mix up the question types that you include. Look at the image below to see the different question types you can use and play around with these when you are designing your quiz.


  • Next term we will be looking at the Ancient Greeks. Take some time to find out some interesting facts about them and share these on the Ancient Greek shared blog with your classmates. Try not to repeat any facts that have already been shared so make sure you check before you comment.


I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday and I will look forward to speaking to you all again on Tuesday 14th April.


Look after yourselves and stay safe!


Miss Bradley

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good Morning 6B!

Thank you very much to all of you that sent work yesterday. It really is lovely to see everything that you have been doing. Here are just a few of the pieces I received:



  • TT Rockstars - Well done 6B we are storming ahead! 6K will have to raise their game if they want to beat us. Don't get complacent though - complete a minimum of 5 goes in any mode.


  • Maths - Log on to SATs Companion - please complete 'Reasoning paper A'. Remember to use your orange books to show your working out. I will be looking over the results from these to work out which areas we need to continue to practise.


  • SPAGLog on to SATs Companion - complete the 'Grammar punctuation and spelling' task. Remember to read the questions carefully.


  • English  - Continue to write the newspaper article that was set yesterday using the video. If you think you have finished this, have a proof read through yourself before sending it over. Check that you have included all of the success criteria.


  • French - Go to and have a go at learning some French. You don't need to set up an account and it will talk you through the basics - make sure you click new to French. You can also download the app as long as you have a parent's permission.


  • Topic/Music - Watch the video below which shows a group of girls from Paraguay playing musical instruments made from recycled rubbish where they live.


  • Can you make an instrument made from materials you find in the home? If you are struggling for ideas you can google search: instruments made from recycled materials.  Once you have made an instrument, send a picture through or better still record yourself playing it.


  • Go Noodle - Take some time to relax with some yoga.

  • Free Read - Spend time reading a book of your choice. Remember to try and complete a ZPD quiz before the end of the week.


If you have any questions at all 6B, please email me on the class email ( or drop me a message on SATs Companion!


Miss Bradley

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning 6B!


Thank you very much to all of those children that submitted work yesterday. It was lovely to see some of you take a really creative approach to your work and I thought it would be nice to share some of them on here.


For those of you that haven't been in touch yet, don't forget you can contact me directly on SATs Companion through the messaging tool.



  • TT Rockstars - Please complete a minimum of 5 studio sessions. The battle is on 6B vs 6K. Who will come out on top?


  • Maths - Please complete the maths arithmetic independently. Take your time and use your orange books to show your working out.


  • Reading: Read the article attached below about the three little pigs and answer the comprehension questions in your green books.



  • English - Watch the video of the three little pigs below. Think about what the report is about? What are the pigs being accused of? What are the public's opinions? Once you have watched the video write a newspaper article to go in 'The Guardian'. 


Three Little Pigs - Video

When writing your newspaper report think carefully about the features we looked at in class: third person, relative clauses, facts, quotes, heading and sub-headings. You can draw pictures if you like and create your own captions.


This will probably take you a couple of hours so don't think that you have to get it done all in one day. You can continue with it on Thursday.

Science - our science topic for this term is evolution and inheritance. Sadly, we didn't get chance to explore the inheritance side of things before we left school on Friday. Please go to the link below, watch the video and read the information beneath it.

Once you have watched the video and read the information, I would like you to use Mr Men characters to create a family of your own.



If Little Miss Bad and Mr Sneeze produced an offspring their children may look like any of the below.

The middle one has kept Mr Sneeze's body shape but has Little Miss Bad's short legs, freckled face and smile.


To take this activity a step further you could mix one of the offspring with a different Mr Men character and see what their offspring would look like.



You can use any of the characters from below:

Topic - Make a shoebox/box biome.

Take your time - it doesn't have to be finished in a day.

I hope that you have plenty to get on with but if any of you do finish everything, you can always get in touch to ask for more to do.


I have also successfully set up the Purple Mash blog which you can use to communicate with each other. Please go to the shared section on Purple Mash and you should find a blog called '6B Home Learning'. If you can't find it please let me know.


Keep up the great work 6B - I have been very impressed with what I have seen so far.


Miss Bradley

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Check your messages on SATs Companion - important update! 


Bring your A game 6B!


Purple Mash Blog - Update

I think I have finally managed to set up the blog 6B. You should be able to access it by following the link below:

or logging into Purple Mash, going to the shared section and then 6B home learning. Hopefully you can add messages here for our class to see.


Please let me know if you experience any problems.


Good morning Class 6B!


I hope you all got on okay yesterday.


It was lovely to receive written work and emails from many of you yesterday. I am currently looking at setting up a blog on Purple Mash so that you can all keep in contact with one another. I will let you know once this is up and  running.

For those of you that haven't been in touch yet, don't forget you can contact me directly on SATs Companion through the messaging tool.



  • Reading: Log on to SATs Companion and complete the set reading task on Frida Kahlo. Remember to take your time and read the questions carefully. 


  • TT Rockstars - Please complete a minimum of 5 studio sessions as a maths warm-up. Why not contact some friends and get them to go on at the same time so you can compete again each other?


  • Maths - Log on to SATs companion - please complete the activity 'negative numbers in real life contexts'. If you need a reminder on how to do this, go to the lessons section and watch the video 'Negative numbers' - aim for 80% to earn a trophy.


  • SPAG - Continuing the work from yesterday, log on to SATs Companion and complete the task 'Verbs in the perfect form'. If you have forgotten what this is, remember you can go to the lessons section and watch the video verb tenses.


  • Go Noodle - It is time to get moving 6B - I am continuing to work on my shuffle technique. What new moves will you learn today? Check out the video at the bottom of today's timetable (Fresh Prince of BEL-AIR).


  • Art - In class we have been looking at POP Art. Andy Warhol, who was born in Pennsylvania in North America, is a fantastic pop artist. He often took 'ordinary' items and transformed them into works of art. Using an 'ordinary' item from around your house, can you create your own piece of POP art? You can use any media: paint, colouring pencils, oil pastels (whatever you can access at home). Have a look at some of the examples below:


POP Art examples


  • Topic - Can you create an information text to teach another year 6 pupil about the different biomes around the world?  The biomes I would like you to focus on are tropical rainforest, desert, polar and temperate forest.You could present your work like this:


Whilst your double page spread wont be about the jungle, I want you to look at how creative you can be with your presentation.

Remember to talk about climate, vegetation and animals.  






  • Free Read - remember to take some time to yourself and enjoy a book.


If you have any questions at all 6B, please email me on the class email ( or drop me a message on SATs Companion!


I look forward to hearing from you all and receiving today's work.


Miss Bradley

Fresh Prince Theme Song - GoNoodle

Get moving 6B!

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Class 6B!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for your first day of home learning. 


  •  Joe Wicks P.E - You can catch this from 09:00 - 09:30 on YouTube. Please click the following link:
  • Spelling - Please log on to spelling shed - this week we are looking at adding the suffix '-ibly' to create an adverb. Aim to reach Royal Bee status.
  • Maths - Log on to SATs companion - please complete the activity 'Add and subtract fractions with different denominators'. If you need a reminder on how to do this, go to the lessons section and watch the video 'Adding and subtracting fractions'. 
  • SPAGLog on to SATs Companion - go to the lessons section and watch 'Verb Tenses'. Once you have watched this, complete the activity 'Verbs in the progressive form'.
  • English  - Look at the image below, continue the story. Decide who the next visitor is to the shop. What are they after? What do they find? This is a descriptive piece of writing so consider how you want the reader of the story to perceive the character Mr Obadiah - think about voice, looks and mannerisms (e.g. does he fiddle with things, have a twitch, play with his facial hair). Please complete this activity in either your green books or on Microsoft Word and email it across using the class email address.
  • Story starter!

    He drummed his long, wiry fingers on the counter, waiting for his next customer.

    The Curiosity Shop attracted the strangest of visitors, drawn to the unique range of peculiarities within. There was certainly more to the shop that met the eye, and people travelled from far and wide to peruse the bizarre collection.

    Mr. Obadiah (the owner) had resided behind the counter of this wondrous shop for as long as anyone could remember, and was now regarded far and wide as the finest purveyor of bizarre oddities and trinkets; a collection to excite and mesmerise even its most impartial visitor.

    As the next customer arrived, Mr. Obadiah opened his moustachioed mouth to speak…

  • Computing - Using Scratch (you can access this online) see if you can successfully create the maze game. Your 'Sprite' needs to be able to move in all four directions and rebound off walls. You will need to start from scratch (pun intended) as you will be unable to access the ones you started in school. Use the following link:
  • Topic - Greenland is in the continent of North America - find out which biome it is in and write a postcard as though you have been on a holiday there. Remember to mention what the climate is like and what plants and animals you have seen. You can then draw a picture to go on the front of your postcard. You can do this in your green books, on purple mash through 2Write or on any other computer programme. I will look forward to reading them.
  • Free Read - remember to take some time to yourself and enjoy a book.


I hope you have no trouble accessing all of the above, but as discussed in school, you may need to be patient with the internet speed. 

If you have any questions at all 6B, please email me on the class email ( or drop me a message on SATs Companion!


I hope your first day goes okay laugh


Miss Bradley



Thank you very much to all parents who attended our class showcase today. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing what they had learned over the past term and are looking forward to the next one.


If you didn't manage to catch it, please check out the video below which will give you an insight into some of the activities we have done this term.



It has been lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about a variety of authors and being eager to share the books they are reading with the rest of the class this half-term.


As a class, we have finished 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' and are looking forward to getting stuck into 'Goodnight Mister Tom'.


I would like to say a big thank you to all of the children and the parents for your commitment to reading this half-term.




If you are looking for age appropriate books for your child to read,  please have a look at the attachment below.