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Year 4



Home Learning Summer Term 2


Welcome back Year 4!

I hope you've had a fantastic half term and lots of fun in the sun.laugh

I'm sure you are feeling rested, refreshed and ready

for this half term - Summer Term 2!

Remember, if you need to get in touch email me, or use Mirodo message.



Well done to those children who took quizzes between 16th May and 22 May!

Sadie C-M, Georgia, George F, Amelia, Mia, Will, Evan, Charlie, Izzy, Keira, Kareem, Matt, Alex and Jacksmiley 

A special well done this week for those children who completed more than one  quiz on an Accelerated Reader Article - Evan, Jack, Alex, Mia who completed 5, and Georgia who completed an unbelievable 9laugh

Will your name be here on 5th June? yeswink

*If you have found that you've run out of reading books to take quizzes upon, you could use the Articles on Accelerated Reader.

I am attaching a Guide to Using the Articles for Parents below, and will now be able to see if you have taken a quiz on an article - and add your name to our list! 

In addition to the Articles you could also access ebooks available on Oxford Owl. Mrs Scott has created lists of books under the coloured book bands - 

 each book had it's ZPD too. 

You do not have a school login for Oxford Owl - but just need a parent's email address to get set up. The word documents of ebooks under white, purple and gold book bands are uploaded below. Other book bands are now in the Key Information section of the website, under Reading. 


  • Each week there are daily Maths and  English sessions. 
  • There is a weekly Spelling focus too, which you can access from the Summer 2 Spelling Programme. Remember to complete the weekly assignments on Spelling Shed. Look up the definitions of any unknown words and get extra handwriting practise writing the weekly spelling out in sentences.
  • MyMaths - new tasks for the week
  • Mirodo  - new tasks for the week
  • Purple Mash - new tasks for the week
  • TTRockStars  
  • Sumdog
  • Please try to keep up with NESSY and Lexia if you are signed up for it, you know who you are!



Summer 2 Spelling Programme

The Joy of Moving Home School Festival Booklet

Guide to Using the Articles on Accelerated Reader for Parents

Oxford Owl ebook lists with ZPDs

A Note For Parents!


From 12th May, there will be a new email address to contact if you have any questions or worries about emotional well-being, special education needs or need advice or guidance for support for you and your family, please see below 

email address:


Dear Parents,

When the children are working on the online tasks such as Star Readers, Mirodo, Purple Mash or Spelling Shed, I can see their work and in some cases give feedback.

When the children are working on the daily Maths and English tasks, their work could be completed in a variety of ways - orally, handwritten or drawn on paper, or typed on a word processing programme or PowerPoint.

Every family's circumstances are different and I do not wish to add any stress to these unsettling times. 

If you and your child would like to either take a photo of their work, or send the word document or powerpoint, it would be great to see how they are getting on and I will provide feedback where necessary. Please use the class email for this,

Please don't struggle with this work load - if some days, it is too onerous - stop! Don't create additional stress within your family.

Ideally, I would like every child to work on a maths activity and an english activity each day - but this could be as simple as going on TTRockstars and reading.

Many thanks,

Ruth Mumberson

This week we will have a Geography focus - a study of The Lake District National Park.

During Lockdown, and recently as some of our restrictions are being eased, the Lake District and other National Parks have been discussed in the news.

This week I would like you to read through the Power Point, Lake District National Park and use the information to complete the following tasks set on Purple Mash by Friday:

* Reasons for / Reasons against tourists in the Lake District - remember to include how tourism affects the communities who live in the Lake District, National Park.

*Beatrix Potter Author factfile - you may remember additional facts from your Year 2 trip to include!


PowerPoint - The Lake District National Park

Science for Wednesday 3rd June

Hello, Girls and Boys

                                    I hope you enjoyed your half-term break, even if the only thing different about it was that you didn't have to sit in front of a computer. I hope you are able to see a friend or two now, I have met up with a friend today and it was lovely to see someone else other than my family.

This term we are going to be looking at humans, their nutrition and their skeleton. Some of the nutrition work will be a revision of the work we did when we studied teeth, but it will be good to see how much you can remember. Here is a bbc website address to help You then have two worksheets to compete. One sheet is about different food groups and what they give  us and the other is about looking at the nutrition in different foods. Some foods might surprise you with how much sugar and fat they have in.

  Have fun learning,

                          Love Miss Buckingham

Hello Year 4,

                       It's Miss Buckingham here. Your science task this week follows on from your work last week on designing a habitat for wildlife. If you are able, can you create something to attract wildlife in your garden. It may be something as simple as building a little wood pile or placing some stones in the shade and making sure they stay damp.You could plant some wild flower seeds or ready grown flowers and make sure you keep them watered in this hot weather. If any of you have handy Mums or Dads you could perhaps build a bird house or a bug hibernation home. Anything goes!

Those of you who sent me your work, last week, had some fabulous ideas and I have got some lovely photos from some of you. If you are able to send me a photo of anything you make then I will see if I can get Miss Watson to put it in the newsletter or I will post on your class page.

  Thank you to all of you who have completed the science tasks this half term. Receiving your emails makes my day. 

Have a lovely half term and enjoy the sun. I am planting beetroot and leeks this afternoon they will love this warm weather.

                              Missing you all

                                                            Love Miss Buckingham


Science Wednesday 13th

Hello Year 4,

                    Than you to all of you who completing your science and thank you to your parents who send me your work. I love reading the emails and looking at what you've done. I only wish I had been able to do it with you.

This week's work is all about habitats. Watch the powerpoint with someone else, if your parents are busy bribe a big sister or brother. You then have to have a think about your local habitat and maybe go on a walk to have a look for places where humans have caused damage to it. It is isn't the easiest of tasks, but give it your best shot.

                                   Hope to see you soon

                                                                  Love Miss Buckingham

Useful Links

 Recommended Websites for Home Learning 

  • Kidadl - lots of different subjects taught by celebrities
  • National Geographic Kids
  • World Geographic Games
  • The British Museum 
  • Natural History Museum

Away from the screen ...

Other activities you could try:

NEW : Try this website for activities and ideas for when you are out and about,

*Count as you go up and down the stairs in any multiple, whole numbers, fractions and decimals.

*Go outside, or look from a window - how many different types of tree / flower / bird / car, can you see? Record your findings in a tally chart. Present your results as a pictogram - think about a key, or bar graph - think about the scale on the y axis.

*In your garden, or out on a walk, create a nature collage  - google Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration. Take a picture and email me!

* Keep active - be the next Joe Wicks and design your own work out or assault course in the garden or in a large space!

Helping the NHS and others! Open this word document to find out more . . .

It's great to share . . .

If you have any good ideas or top tips for keeping busy send them to and I'll post them here along with photos and pieces of work.

George F.'s Map

George F.'s Map 1

Keira's marvellous map!

Fantastic research and presentation, Kareem! Thank you for letting us share.

The artist wishes to remain secret, but I'm so pleased they wanted to share this fantastic piece of Andy Goldsworthy art with us!

The artist wishes to remain secret, but I'm so pleased they wanted to share this fantastic piece of Andy Goldsworthy art with us! 1

Georgia has been busy too, fantastic collage work, well done!

Georgia has been busy too, fantastic collage work, well done! 1

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