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Wednesday 29th April

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Quick Maths

Please log on to My Maths and complete the multiplication task set for today.



We will continue with the White Rose Maths home learning resources this week.  (Remember we will alternate between the White Rose and BBC Bitesize resources depending on the focus for each week’s lessons).  Please follow one of these links:  

Summer Term – Week 2

Lesson 3 – Problem solving  

Summer Term – Week 2

Lesson 3 – Pounds and pence



Remember to stay active throughout the day.  Have you completed any physical challenges like those posted on our new school Twitter account (@SchoolScotby)?  You could always start your day by joining Joe Wicks for his daily live P.E. session which can be accessed here:  



Do you have a favourite place to read?  Have you or could you create a cosy reading space indoors or outdoors?  Wherever you like to read, try to set aside some time to read independently or aloud to someone in your family.  Please do send photos via our class email if you would like to see your reading space on our class page. 


If you have a Lexia or Nessy login, don't forget to keep up with your usage.  Try to spread it out throughout the week in short blocks (i.e. no more than 20 mins at a time).



If you can, print and complete this week’s sheets from Spelling Shed.  If you are unable to print you can copy the lists and practise on paper.


Have a go at one of these English lessons on the BBC Bitesize website using the links below: 


Y3 = Using apostrophes to combine words  


Y4 = Poems by Allan Ahlberg   

(This is actually the lesson for 24th April, but the link for today’s Y4 English lesson was not working when I put this plan together.) 



For the next couple of Computing lessons you will use the 2Graph tool on Purple Mash.  You will find an example graph set as a 2Do.  I would like you to investigate the features of the 2Graph tool using this graph.  Try to:

  • sort items alphabetically by clicking on the arrows,
  • sort the numbers from smallest to largest, and vice versa,
  • add/edit the title of the graph,
  • change the block size from units of 1 to units of 2, 3 etc., 
  • add another item using the ‘+’ button, e.g. if another child comes into the class and chooses ‘orange’ as his favourite colour,
  • select and view the different graph types using the top toolbar.