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Wednesday 24th June

Wednesday 24th June 2020


National School Sport Week at Home 2020


This year, the Youth Sport Trust has partnered with Sky Sports to run a national campaign which aims to unite the country – families, schools, sport and businesses – in a celebration of the power of sport to bring people together, even during isolation. 


It is taking place this week (Saturday 20th – Friday 26th June).


I uploaded the activity ideas pack, which includes web links to videos or websites for each event, on Monday.  Can you challenge yourself to complete at least one activity a day during the week, or as many activities as you can in one day?


Each day this week I will pick one activity to showcase.  Today I have chosen ‘Sock Wars’ from the ‘Team Sports’ section.  This is a fun game to help develop agility when attacking and defending against an opponent.  This is an important skill for multiple invasion sports like basketball, netball, football and rugby.

Sock Wars

Enjoy yourself, get involved and have fun! laugh

Quick Maths

Today’s task: Mr Kealoha’s Maths Challenges

Each week Mr Kealoha will post maths challenges for you all to have a go at. You can send examples of your work via our class email address and I can pass it on to him to see.  You can access this week’s challenges by clicking on the link below. We look forward to seeing your creations, solutions and observations.


Have a go at one of these BBC Bitesize Maths lessons using the links below: 


Y3 = Describing lines 


Y4 = Estimating money 



We will continue to read this Twinkl original eBook which is set in the Stone Age.  This week’s reading and writing tasks focus on Chapter 2.

Suggested timetable for this week’s tasks:

Monday – read and/or watch the video of Chapter 2 being read. Follow the instructions on the sheet provided to summarise key parts and then answer related comprehension questions.

Tuesday – complete ‘Conjunctions to Express Time, Place or Cause’ – Part A.

Wednesday – complete ‘Conjunctions to Express Time, Place or Cause’ – Part B.

Thursday – complete accompanying spelling task.


The resources for the reading comprehension task are still available below, along with the ‘Conjunctions to Express Time, Place or Cause’ sheet.  If you completed Part A yesterday, then please look at Part B today.

How to Skin a Bear Chapter 2


If you can, print and complete this week’s sheets from Spelling Shed.  If you are unable to print you can copy the lists and practise on paper.

If you have a Lexia or Nessy login, don't forget to keep up with your usage.  Try to spread it out throughout the week in short blocks (i.e. no more than 20 mins at a time).


History – Stone Age Homes


Follow the video link below and/or read the information in the PowerPoint to find out more about how Stone Age homes changed from the Palaeolithic time period to the Neolithic period.

Hands On History:

Can you create your own model Stone Age house?  Remember, Stone Age houses were made from the materials that people found around them. You could collect twigs to make the structure and cover it with moss, leaves or fur fabric for example. Or you could try to make the structure using stones or pebbles.