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Suggested Day  

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 Warm-up  - I used to love you lot trying to do Waka Waka in dance. Give it a go today for old times sake.

 SPELLING SHED  - 10 to 15 mins (Review of some words from earlier in the year)

 Reading  - Quiet reading for at least 15 minutes, preferably more please. If you haven't read or listened to chapters 19 - 21 yet, then please do. (Audio file available on yesterdays page, PDF of Holes in Daily Resources today).

 Open middle problem  - Decimal open middle today (Video below)

 Maths Challenges - Try one of my maths challenges after the open middle problem.

 SATS Companion   -  Spellings and Reasoning 2 tests are up to complete over the next couple of days

 Art  - Apart but together - A piece of art to help bring you closer to your friends. Work through the power point in the daily resources.

Open Middle Problem 3