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How are you getting on with your videos? It has been so nice to see you all and it has made it feel like 5 minutes since we all left school many months ago. There are still a few that we haven't received yet. So please try to get them in as soon as possible.

If you haven't included a video of an activity that you enjoy, make sure that you try to get one over as well. 

  Suggested Day 

Remember to click the highlighted words to link to the pages.

 Go Noodle  - Get fresh with blazer fresh

 SPELLING SHED - 10 to 15 mins 

 Reading  - Complete the comprehension questions today.

 Writing - A quick write based on the 3 chapters of 'Holes' that you read on Tuesday. See the video.

 WODB - Number problem 2 (Video below)

 White Rose  - Lesson 2- Ratio and proportion - Send your work in and I'll reward you with an extra challenge problem. What a kind teacher!

 Science  - Lesson 4

WODB - Number 3

Give at least one reason why each number doesn't fit as part of the group of 4 numbers.

Ratio | Lesson 2 - Calculating ratio

So how do we calculate these ratios you holler from the top of the hills. Watch the video to find out.

English - Writing from a different perspective

Practise writing from a different perspective with this lesson.


Prof K here with lesson 4 of separating mixtures. Work through the PPT and make sure you continue to conduct the experiment throughout the week.