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Good morning, first a reminder to make sure that you have read the information for the year 6 video that myself and Miss Bradley would like to put together for the end of the year.


Thank you for the videos that have come in so far for the D and T task. I was so impressed by the time and effort that went into some of your Rube Goldberg Machines.



Click the highlighted words to link to site and work.


  1.  Spelling Shed  - We are currently looking at how we can set up a competition with other classes for this.
  2. Reading comprehension - Holes
  3.  TT Rockstars - News on a new competition coming soon, so get practising!
  4.  Maths Challenges  - Try my new maths challenges. The first is an arty maths challenge and then a number challenge.
  5. Extra maths challenge - Star in a Hexagon (Daily Resources) if you would like an extra challenge for today.
  6. Topic - Lesson 4

  Reading Comprehension  


Can you please read chapters 13,14 and 15 (or listen to my reading of it), then using the text as a reference try the VIPERS questions? I will go through the questions at the end of the week so that you have plenty of time to complete them.

Holes - Chapters 13 -15


Today we are onto lesson 4 of our topic. We will be learning about a famous Islamic Scholar who lived and worked in Baghdad during the Golden Age. They were responsible for the creation of some incredible achievements that have shaped our world today. Watch the lesson video below.


Links: Islamic Scholars information


          Al-Khwarizimi information

Topic - Lesson 4

Still image for this video