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Wednesday 15th April 2020


Good morning Year 2! Thank you to those who have emailed me work from yesterday, it was lovely to see your work and see how you are all getting on. 




If you’re tiring of Joe Wicks, you could try yoga instead – this one has a certain HP fan from class in mind – can you guess who? 


The link for Joe if you’d still like to do it at 9am:




TT Rockstars warm up – spend 5 minutes on here as a starter activity.


Is everyone enjoying the White Rose activities? I’ve loved seeing your work that parents are emailing me!


Please complete week 1 lesson 2 today about counting in fractions. Check your My Maths for an activity today too. If you do, you don’t need to complete the White Rose activity.


Spelling Shed


Spend some time today learning the /j/ sound words if you have these.




Here’s the link for David reading again at 11am:


Or you can read a book of your choice if you wish. Don’t forget to spend some time on Lexia or Nessy if you have these.




I’ve read some fabulous stories of what happened when you went through the door in the tree. Did you meet a villain in your story? Can you add a villain if you didn’t? Today I would like you to make a wanted poster for the villain in your story. If you can’t think of one, pick a villain from another story you’ve read. Below is an example of what your poster could look like.




I’d like you to watch this video on the 5 pillars of Islam. After, you could design and write a postcard from Mecca.


Enjoy your day, I’ll speak to you tomorrow,


Miss Q