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I apologise if you had problems yesterday with the work,I had some issues with uploading resources. Let's hope it goes better today.

May Facts:

May is named after the Greek goddess, Maia. Maia is an Earth Goddess of springtime, warmth, and increase. Her gentle heat causes growth. When the Goddess Calistro was transformed into a bear, Maia took on the task of raising Calistro's son Arcas. 

Maia was a solitary Goddess who preferred to live alone in wild caves far from civilisation.



The Anglo-Saxon name for May was Tri-Milchi (Three Milks) because the new growth allowed cows to graze longer and be milked 3 times a day - I bet cows hated May.




My Mini Maths

Drawing line graphs

Today we will be drawing line graphs. There is a quick video if you need  help with plotting the data onto the line graph and laying it out or you can just dive straight in. Data sets and some questions in the Daily Resources.



  1. Spelling Shed: 10 minutes please
  2. SPAG: Complex sentences ( Sentences made up of two or more clauses where a subordinating conjunction has been used, thus creating a main/independent clause and a subordinate clause).
  3. Video and then a couple of tasks to try.
  4. Independent reading: Get comfy with a book for a while.


Afternoon learning:


P.E: Thank Miss Bradley for this one 6K!


Are YOU tough enough to be a Spartan warrior? 

 Have a look at the Spartan trials sheet in the Daily Resources, record your results and send them in. Take some photos so we can see just how Spartan you are.


After completing the trials why not try creating your own for everyone else in class to have a go at.


Art competition:

After you have worn yourselves out with the P.E take some time to get started on the Art competition for school. There is a choice of theme 'What makes us smile' or 'My favourite Place' so think carefully about what or where your favourite place is or what really brings a grin to your face. Maybe it is more than one thing? maybe you could combine them in a collage?


Play with it and have fun.


Have productive day everyone and remember, photos please.



Plotting Line Graphs

Still image for this video

Complex Sentences

Still image for this video
Revisit complex sentences and then try a few tasks to practice what you have learned.