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Happy Wednesday, and happy Earth Day!


I thought that since it’s Earth Day today we could look at activities around this as this is what we would be doing at earthy type activities. Below are selection of suggested activities you can do today. There is a lot to choose from, you don't need to complete them all.


Warm ups


PE with Joe Wicks

If you fancy a change, you can always go for a walk with an adult or have a run around your garden.




It’s not a planet, it’s our home.


This video was created by WWF and sees a chimpanzee sent into space during the space programme in the 1960s as an experiment – guys do you remember the book we read about this? 65 years later the chimp has returned and he sees Earth and all it’s changes through the eyes of a stranger.


  • Discuss and write down the types of things the chimpanzee would be feeling and thinking about. 
  • Describe the concrete jungle he arrives in at 3:45. Perhaps end with the line...... and then a tear trickled down his face.

If you want to write more:

  • Write a description of Earth, imagining you have left and then returned 65 years from now.


Still image for this video


Earth Day addition riddle. Can you solve the riddle to find out the answer to the joke?



On Purple Mash I am asking you to create a poster that promotes walking to school. Please complete this poster and I can pop them on our notice board. I’ve been added your masterpieces yesterday as I’ve just figured out how to do this! Have a look to see what your classmates have got up to.  



Earth Day presentation. Go through the PowerPoint below. Afterwards, please complete the ‘what can I do to help?’ sheet to see what we can do to help the environment.


Watch this video to see how important oak trees are.


Can you draw around some shapes to create a picture of overlapping shapes in the style of a tree like the one below?

Can you include all three primary and all three secondary colours? Can you remember what these are?

If you made it this far down the page - well done! Lastly, I have read a page out of one of my books linked to Earth Day. I hope you enjoy.


Have a fabulous day!


Miss Q heart