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Wednesday 6K W2

Hello all,


Wednesday already. Time flies when you are at home and working hard. At least you have access to snacks at all times I suppose. 



Let's do it differently today. Lets warm up our brains with a Brain Dump. You simply write down or record a message with anything that is clogging up your mid at the moment. That could be things you've been doing, thoughts about work, fun things you want to try, worries you might have...anything. The idea is to try to free up some space up there in the noggin to let you focus in on work. Try it, I find it helpful when I want to clear my mind. Then I have a bit of a dance to shake out the body.



Let's give spellings a break today maybe. 

The following tasks can be completed over the next couple of days. No rush.

SPAG: Semi-colons

  1. Watch the SPAG video below.
  2. Try to answer the SATs companion questions. 

Writing: Arachne setting description.

  1. Try to add a semi-colon into your description.



  1. If you found yesterdays work a little tough then watch my tutorial below.
  2. Next go to this link and have a go at the online questions starting at level 1 and working your way up as you beginning to feel more confident.
  3. Answers to yesterdays challenge available on Friday (once I solve it).
  4. If you were confident with yesterdays work then move onto Wednesdays White Rose work and remember to watch the introduction video. Either mark the work yourself or send it to me and I'll get my green pen out :)



  1. Over the next few weeks I would like you to create a little presentation about France. You can find details about work in the power point in the Daily Resources.
  2. We will look at little pieces of French vocabulary that is linked to each lesson.
  3. Today please complete lesson 1.



Semi-colons (SPAG)

Still image for this video

Angles in regular polygons

Still image for this video