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Wednesday 15th April

Wednesday 15th April 2020



Remember to find some time today to keep active, either indoors or outdoors.  Maybe you can involve the rest of your family too?  Joe Wicks’ daily live P.E. session can be accessed here:



If you can, print and complete this week’s sheets from Spelling Shed.  If you are unable to print you can copy the lists and practise on paper.  


Read the synopsis of the Disney version of The Sword in the Stone and talk to an adult at home about any tricky words within the text.

Watch three scenes from the film where Wart is changed into a fish, a squirrel and then a sparrow: scene  


Discuss the dangers and triumphs that Wart experiences.  Then brainstorm other ideas about changing into an animal and some adventures and dangers that might occur.  Think about related vocabulary and useful verbs.  The sheet below provides some ideas to get you started.


Try to set aside some time for quiet reading.  Remember, you can log on to the Star Reader website and complete book quizzes at home.  You can also access free eBooks on the Oxford Owl website, though your parents will need to register using their email address in order to access them.  Many of the books on there have a Star Reader quiz.


If you have a Lexia or Nessy login, don't forget to keep up with your usage.  Try to spread it out throughout the week in short blocks (i.e. no more than 20 mins at a time).



We will continue using the White Rose Maths home learning resources.  Remember to watch the introductory video and then complete the associated tasks.  Answers are provided for parents to check at the end.  Please follow the links below: 

Summer Term – Week 1

Lesson 2 – Equivalent fractions 

Summer Term – Week 1

Lesson 2 – Write decimals


My Maths

Please log on to My Maths and complete the task set for today.

Y4 = Estimates with decimals

Y3 = Mixed sums



We will begin a short unit all about ‘Simulations’.  A computer simulation is a program that models a real-life situation.  Simulations let you try things out that would be too difficult, time-consuming, dangerous or expensive to do in real life.  Can you think of some examples of simulations?  Maybe you have computer games at home that are like simulations.

I have set a 2Do on the Purple Mash website which will allow you to share your initial understanding of what simulations are, how different simulations might be used and potential problems compared to real life.  There is a word bank which has pop ups of vocabulary to help you with each question.


Topic - History

This week’s question: Who was Mary Queen of Scots and why did she spend time at Carlisle Castle?


I have set a 2Do on the Purple Mash website which contains some information and a writing frame to help you write about the life of this key historical figure; however you may wish to extend your research using the Internet.  If you would prefer to present your work in a different way, e.g. a PowerPoint, Word document or poster (photographed) then this can be emailed to our class email address. 

Please note, you have until the end of the week to present your findings.